The New Plagiarism: Is Your Web Content Hurting Your Online Ranking?

If your website was created by one of the many healthcare-specific web design and hosting companies, it may contain templated or boilerplate content that was intentionally plagiarized from another website. If your content is exactly the same content as websites for other practitioners in your specialty area, it is templated.

While this practice makes it faster, easier and cheaper for a web company to build your site, it also kills your search engine optimization (SEO) and drops you way down in the search rankings. It can even get you kicked off some search engines. Which makes it one of the worst practices in healthcare web design and development.

Unique content means higher search rankings

Your web content should be as unique to you and your practice as your brand. It should have the same look and feel as your other practice materials, and it should talk about you and your services using specific words and phrases that only apply to you. In fact, the more unique content you have that uses your own unique keywords, the better your search engine ranking will be.

The New Plagiarism: Is Your Web Content Hurting Your Online Ranking?

If your current website contains templated content, you should seek immediate help in recreating your website according to the industry’s best practices and standards. Talk to a Practice Builders healthcare marketing consultant who can help you get back on the right track. Call 800.679.1200 for more information or assistance.