Things to Consider When Updating Your Healthcare Site

In a constantly evolving technological world, it’s important to keep the website for your medical or dental practice up-to-date. And while updating an outdated practice website is a solid healthcare marketing strategy, there are important steps to remember to ensure that the new website you launch is ready.

Many of the strategies for updating your healthcare website design can backfire and create long loading times for your site. This can be frustrating for both new and returning patients, and you have a higher chance of website visitors leaving your site before it has a chance to load.

If you’re considering updating your practice’s website, here are some steps to consider during the process:

Things to Consider When Updating Your Healthcare Site

Resizing Images

When you’re updating your healthcare website design, a common first steps is adding new images. This is an excellent way to ensure that your site looks modern and professional. However, large images can take a while to load and slow down your site. Be sure to have the images you use for your updated site resized to avoid slowing down your site.

Too Much Flash

Having moving images and video is a great way to update your practice’s site. But too much of it can slow down your site, especially on a mobile device. Keep flash to a minimum where you can, but especially if your intention is to make your healthcare website more mobile-friendly.

Things to Consider When Updating Your Healthcare Site

Third-Party Multimedia

When it comes to adding multimedia, it’s best to create your own content. Adding third-party media, like videos from other YouTube users, can really slow down your site. Err on the side of caution and use multimedia sparingly – and create your own content to keep your site running smoothly.

Test Your Site Regularly

When in doubt, it’s always good practice to periodically check your practice’s website to make sure that it’s running smoothly. This will help you solve any issues before you alienate potential patients. Plus, it will help you see when updates need to be made immediately, so your site can stay fresh and you avoid huge website overhauls that could last days, weeks or months.

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