Video Testimonials Work

Today’s healthcare patient wants confirmation that they are making the right decision and they trust the opinions of other consumers, especially those who have had personal experiences. But an anonymous quote on a website is quite different than seeing a person on screen saying how great they think a healthcare practice is. Video testimonials are far more influential because they show the viewer real people with real facial expressions, demographics and body language.

Video testimonials create a connection

Video testimonials have the power to swing a consumer/patient/client buying decision like no other marketing technique. They are persuasive, direct and offer so much more authenticity than text or a print ad ever could.

Video testimonials help put potential new patients at ease. Watching an actual patient or client passionately talk about your exceptional care is far more powerful, and will carry a lot more weight, than anything you could say about your practice in print media.

Video Testimonials Work

What makes a good video testimonial?

Sincerity, relate-ability and directness are three of the most important elements of an effective video testimonial. The most effective video testimonial is casual and conversational rather than formal and scripted. An effective video testimonial is based on planning topics to be discussed to ensure your patient or client is at ease with the questions and their answers.

The most effective videos are short and to the point, no longer than 90 seconds. Viewers may watch a few different video testimonials to reassure themselves about their purchase decision, but they won’t watch one long video testimonial from one person.

Video Testimonials Work

It’s worth it

The best part of video testimonials is that they allow happy patients to share your practice story in an emotionally compelling and trending manner. At best, video testimonials can greatly improve your overall reputation and credibility among the kind of people you want as your patients