Why Your Patients Deserve an Updated Website


When was the last time you updated your healthcare website design for your medical, dental, physical therapy or veterinary practice? Even if you have a functional website, staying on trend with the newest website designs is an important part of any healthcare marketing plan. Not only does it keep you ahead of the competition, it also allows you to provide your patients with some benefits when they visit your practice online. Here are some reasons why you should update your website for your patients:

Why Your Patients Deserve an Updated Website

Ease of Navigation

Creating a new website that adheres to the newest trends allows you to create an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website for your patients. Your patients are using the Internet on a daily basis, especially those in the millennial generation. So it’s important to create a website that has an intuitive function or you risk increasing your bounce-back rate – people leaving your site because it’s not functional.

Why Your Patients Deserve an Updated Website

Keep it Mobile

One of the biggest online marketing trends for 2016 is the increase in mobile site use. If you don’t have a working mobile site, now is the time to create one. Many patients are using their mobile devices to look up medical information or to find a local healthcare practitioner – having an up-to-date site allows them to easily browse your site on the medium that they prefer.

Make it Easy to Contact You

Did you know that 44% of patients who found a healthcare practitioner on a mobile search booked an appointment? If your site doesn’t have an appointment-booking function, you’re making it harder for your patients and potential patients to contact you when they need to.

Increase Your Google Standing

Updating your website also makes it easier for you to attract potential patients. Are all of the pages of your website SEO-optimized? If they’re not, you’re making it harder for patients to find you online. Having an SEO-primed website will help keep you a top pick in search engine results.

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