Five things to avoid on your website

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Five things to avoid on your website

Now that over 90% of Internet users are looking for healthcare information on the Web, just having a website is not enough. To make your website work for you, avoid these five common design and development mistakes:

  1. The Slow-Opening Home Page – If it takes longer than 3 seconds to open, it’s too slow by today’s web standards. Avoid complex moving imagery and long content that forces the user to scroll to read it all.
  2. Too Much Text – We live in a bullet-point, 140-characters-or-less (Twitter) world in which people don’t have the time and do not want to read too much. Use short, easy-to-read text messages and make sure there is more white space than text on every page of your website.
  3. Dated Graphics, Text Fonts or Styles – Avoid using clip-art or cheap graphics that make you look out-of-touch, outdated or unprofessional. The goal is to make your website look clean, contemporary and relevant.
  4. Too Much Happening – Avoid pop-ups, flashing banners and web videos that cannot be muted or paused by the user. Too much sound or motion can be annoying and distracting.
  5. Dull Colors – Color elicits all kinds of emotions. Use bright complementary colors that are pleasing to the eye so you can attract and retain your visitors.

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Five things to avoid on your website

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