Discover New Content Ideas to Attract Online Patients

Discover New Content Ideas to Attract Online Patients
Are you looking for creative ways to attract new (and preferred!) patients to your website and your practice? Do you know what interests your current patients? If not, there are many ways to find out – starting with the easiest…

Asking your current patients
Your current patients are an untapped treasure trove of information. By taking a simple survey from your office, you can learn many of your patients’ interests, including their healthcare information interests.

Now imagine that your online community of current and potential patients is a group of hungry little children. You have a table in front of you covered with ten different snacks and sweets. Those goodies represent your online web and social media content.

Discover New Content Ideas to Attract Online Patients

By observing which goodies disappear fastest and most often, you will learn what your audience – potential new patients – really wants. And, once you know what they want, that’s exactly what you need to give them on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and blog, if you have one.

Create an in-office survey
Don’t assume that you know what your online community wants from you. There’s no substitute for asking them directly. What you learn from this reality check might surprise you and put you in a much better position to offer more valuable content.

Discover New Content Ideas to Attract Online Patients

One simple way to survey your current patients is to create a list of ten topics you believe they want to know more about. Use “yes or no” questions to elicit their opinions. Ask them to rank your topics from one to ten according to their interest, with one being “most interested.” Then ask them to pick their three favorites.

Remember to include a line where they can write in topics of their own choosing. If they go to the trouble of writing in topics, you’ll know how important those topics are to your patients.

Discover New Content Ideas to Attract Online Patients

Use a free online survey
You, or someone on your staff, can also create a free survey online. Some of the most popular survey sites are SurveyMonkey, Free Online Surveys, Zoomerang and Bzoink.

You can easily add your survey to your website, highlight it in your email or e-newsletter and promote it on Twitter and Facebook.

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