Are Infographics Effective for Healthcare Marketing?


Did you know that 62% of companies in the U.S. used infographics in 2014 compared to just half in 2013? In the same survey, another 26% of companies stated that they planned to use infographics in 2015 as part of their marketing strategies.

Infographics are a growing trend in online marketing. Should they be used as part of your healthcare marketing plan for 2016? We’ve put together an infographic guide highlighting their benefits so you can decide if they would work for your medical, dental or veterinary practice:

Are Infographics Effective for Healthcare Marketing?

What are infographics?

Infographics are any visual representation of data, information or general knowledge. They are intended to present information in a quick, clear and concise way. Anyone should be able to look at an infographic and understand the information presented and walk away with some new knowledge of the subject.

How are infographics designed?

Infographics designed for healthcare marketing should assume that the reader knows little to nothing about the subject to bring the reader up to speed. Many infographics designed by healthcare practitioners, hospitals and medical organizations include preventive care tips as well as statistics and the latest research.

Are Infographics Effective for Healthcare Marketing?

How does design impact an infographic’s effectiveness?

Design is the most important factor when it comes to making an effective infographic. Infographics include graphs and images to make them more visually appealing to the reader. It’s best to use images in moderation, though, so the reader doesn’t get overwhelmed or distracted from the information you’re trying to present.

It’s also important to use color when designing an infographic. Color increases a reader’s attention span by 82%, gains readership by 80%,and makes an impression that is 39% more memorable.

Are Infographics Effective for Healthcare Marketing?

Can an infographic help market your practice?

Branding an infographic with your practice logo is important in ensuring that you get credit for your content and that you can promote your practice to readers. Like other forms of digital content, infographics have the potential to become viral, but it all depends on content. Just like a poorly designed infographic can alienate readers, an infographic with irrelevant or old information will probably not be shared by many people online. Staying on top of healthcare topic trends, presenting new stats and facts and creating content that your patients want to know more about will help ensure that your infographic affects your reader and is shared.

While infographics are still a digital marketing trend, the effectiveness depends on a variety of factors that need to come together. If you’d like to learn more about infographics and how to make them work for you, your practice, and your healthcare marketing strategies, you can contact one of our expert healthcare marketing consultants at 855-898-2710 or We’re here to help!