How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors

How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors

Have you ever thought about a healthcare world without marketing?

Without hospital marketing, how will:

Medical practices exist?

Patients know what services are available on the market, the cost of particular services and where to obtain them?

The answer is simple: They may not!

How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors

When it comes to hospital marketing, patients (like customers) are king, and healthcare marketing is how you can spread the word. It acts as a critical component in providing information to the target audience and is vital when it comes to ensuring the profitability of your medical practice.

Every doctor wants to maximize his or her profits, but this can only be achieved through awareness, consideration and action, with action being the pivotal point in generating revenue and hospital marketing being the added-value factor to the service that is being sold.

Hospital marketing consists of research, advertising, digital marketing, patient support and promotion in which each component can be expanded into various channels that are used when promoting a service effectively.

So, Why Is Hospital Marketing Crucial for Doctors?

1 It informs the target audience of the services that are being offered by a medical practice. It provides the value of the core service, the usage and additional details that patients usually want to know. This helps with brand awareness and reputation as it relates to informative advertising.

How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors

2 It helps you understand your target audience. During the first stages of hospital marketing, marketers do market research where a patient persona is created, and segmentation is done based on demographics, behavior and psychographics. Once the target audience has been identified, the marketing strategies are prepared, and the service is positioned accordingly.

3 It boosts revenue by utilizing different ways to promote the service that is being offered. This can be done through various mediums, such as word-of-mouth, social networks, email marketing, company website, digital marketing and other channels that assist in attracting and persuading the target audience to try the offered service. The combined usage of these mediums often results in increased sales and higher profitability.

4 It engages prospects. Engaging your patients with relevant information about the brand and services is crucial. Hospital marketing helps with this aspect, especially on social networks, through contests and quizzes or even experiential marketing.

5 It encourages healthy competition based on the pricing of services among competitors, provided you are not in a monopoly, in which case you can set any price. With competition, other medical practices are allowed to exist in the market, where they will try to win patients through excellent-quality services and competitive pricing.

6 It strengthens your brand. Brand awareness and online reputation are what makes or breaks a medical practice. For your medical practice to grow, you should aim to have a robust online reputation through the use of effective hospital marketing mediums. When your healthcare brand is affiliated with a certain standard, you will see increased sales and improved bottom line.

How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors

What If You Don’t Engage in Hospital Marketing?

Why do a lot of small medical practices struggle to generate profits? Do you remember the adage “Failing to plan is planning to fail”?

If you fail to understand the importance of an effective hospital marketing strategy and don’t fully integrate digital marketing into your healthcare marketing plan, then you are likely to see some, or all, of these consequences:

  • Stagnant sales
  • Losing out to competitors
  • Struggling to survive
  • Inability to retain existing patients
  • Missing out on opportunities for better brand positioning.

Lack of marketing often leads to suboptimal revenue. This means that competitors will always be a threat, filling in the gaps in the average-quality services you offer.

And finally, given the effectiveness of digital healthcare marketing, many medical practices don’t allocate enough resources to it. This presents an opportunity for wise healthcare marketers. Knowledge is power, and after you are finished reading this blog, your medical practice will have a leg up over the competition. You will be ready to overcome the initial hurdles that are common when trying to come up with a valid healthcare marketing strategy.

Challenges of Creating a Healthcare Marketing Strategy in 2020

The most common problem that healthcare marketers face when creating a hospital marketing plan is “Where do I start?” In fact, this is the most common question for any goal in life.

And as with other things in life, the key is to make this immense task manageable by dividing it into smaller chunks.

The scope and scale of hospital marketing are quite broad. To break it down into small manageable tasks, you’ll need to plan out a realistic and feasible number of marketing activities that will cover the patient journey.

Along the way, you will discover various tools for beating the competition and increasing sales and bottom line at the same time. We all know about the cutthroat competition with so many medical practices competing in the same area for the same services. And how you stand out from the rest will depend on how effective your hospital marketing strategy is. A well-planned healthcare marketing strategy will help you highlight your strengths and how your services are better than competitors’. It will help you build your brand reputation and, eventually, be the “expert” in your niche.

Sound good?

How Hospital Marketing Helps Doctors


Hospital marketing provides a host of benefits for medical practices from starting a practice to positioning its services to beat the competition. Once you can develop a foolproof hospital marketing strategy to complement your practice’s game plan, you’re sure to experience success!

So how exactly do you plan to leverage hospital marketing to achieve success? Contact us to learn more about the benefits of marketing your medical practice and how it can help you reach more prospects on a limited budget.