How to Schedule Healthcare Social Media Posts


When developing healthcare marketing strategies for your social media accounts, one of the first questions you probably have is, “How often should I post”?

There isn’t one definitive answer. Scheduling your social media updates can depend on a variety of things – your own schedule, how much time your staff can devote to it, how much you want to market your practice and the type of social media marketing networks you’re using.

How to Schedule Healthcare Social Media Posts

But in order to effectively market your practice, you should post to your social media accounts at least a couple of times a week. This will help ensure that your accounts look active. Plus, updating frequently will keep your posts on your followers’ news feeds, so your medical or dental practice stays at the top of their mind.

Updating with frequency may make it seem like you will run out of topics to cover on your social media feeds. But with the right planning, you can cover a wide range of topics, so you don’t have to post about the same things more than once.

How to Schedule Healthcare Social Media Posts

Signing up for Google Alerts is one way to get enough content to post a few times a week to your social media accounts. Google Alerts will send you news items, articles and blog posts about a specific subject as often as once a day. So if your practice specializes in dermatology, you can get sources for news items that reference dermatology and dermatology subjects that you can share on social media.

Another way to keep your posts fresh is to post about things that are happening at your medical or dental practice – whether that includes announcements for patients or special deals that you’re offering. You can also create your content by posting to a blog regularly, by creating your own online brochures and by creating your own videos to share online.

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