Market Online With Effective, Inexpensive Email

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Market Online With Effective, Inexpensive Email

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reach patients and referrers is through email. Many marketing savvy physicians are now using email blasts with excellent results. You can too.

If you are like many of our physician clients, you’ve been thinking about e-media marketing strategies on the Internet. And with good reason. E-media is the hottest thing in marketing right now and it promises to continue its dramatic growth for years to come. And the easiest e-media tactic you can implement is the email blast.

Market Online With Effective, Inexpensive Email

All you need is a good email list and an interesting subject. You should already have all your patients’ opted-in email addresses as well as those of your referral sources. You can buy opt-in lists from various list vendors. But it’s best to start with your own list. And a subject the people on your list will see value in:

  • News about your practice (new associate, new equipment/technology, new hours, etc.)
  • News from your area specialization (orthopedic, sports, geriatric, neurologic)
  • Community health alerts and advice
  • Special offers or health information for patients
  • Special information for professional referral sources

You can blast randomly or according to a predetermined regular schedule. Just don’t blast on Mondays, the busiest day of the week, or Fridays when your email is less likely to be read at the start of the weekend. If you need help writing your eblasts or setting up the right schedule for your practice, call Practice Builders today at 800-679-1262.

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