How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Practice

How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Practice

There are hundreds of social media sites and new ones are being created all the time. With well over 650 million members worldwide, Facebook sits atop the current social media universe. But how can Facebook and other established social media sites help you and your practice?

Social media is quickly becoming a necessity for all kinds of healthcare practices. Here’s how the largest, most established social media sites are already being used in the healthcare field:

How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Practice

Facebook (650 million users worldwide)

  • connect patients with information and support (wall posts can include text, links, videos and photos)
  • market your practice by encouraging patients to “like” your page and create a viral marketing effect
  • provide health care information, compliance and guidance through Facebook applications
  • create polls or surveys or request feedback on services or health issues
  • create a business presence for your practice

Twitter (175 million users worldwide)

How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Practice
  • connect with patients
  • distribute health care information, such as drug safety alerts
  • updates on medical procedures
  • share links to other information that may not fit the 140-character limit

LinkedIn (90 million users worldwide)

  • connect with preexisting relationships or trusted mutual contacts
  • improve and maintain professional connections
  • market your practice
  • improve business opportunities
  • ask and answer relevant questions or post links to relevant articles as a means of enhancing your reputation as a “thought leader.”

YouTube (Americans view one billion videos every day)

How Social Media Sites Can Help Your Practice
  • public education on healthcare
  • patient and caregiver support
  • physician education
  • market your practice
  • express views on relevant legislative issues

Yelp (40 million users)

  • obtain patient reviews of your practice
  • market your practice

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