What Effective Marketing Can Do For Your Practice

Although most physicians need more patients, more referrals and more practice revenues, over 90% of them say they don’t need “marketing.” This reveals a fundamental lack of understanding about what marketing really is and what it can do for even a struggling small practice.

Don’t let the word “marketing” fool you. The primary, secondary and tertiary goals of any effective healthcare marketing program are to help your practice gain new patients, more desirable case types, new referral sources and new revenues from cash-based services to supplement diminishing insurance and Medicare reimbursements.

What Effective Marketing Can Do For Your Practice

Based on Practice Builders’ surveys, over 90% of private practitioners want or need those things, yet most say that they do not want or need marketing. For them, marketing is merely a buzzword with all sorts of negative connotations that have nothing to do with today’s realities.

The fact is, if you really want new patients, specific case types, new referral sources or new revenues in 2012 and beyond, you need effective marketing. We can help you determine whether you need traditional marketing, e-media marketing or some combination of the two. We can also help you determine how to reach your practice goals regardless of your budget and resources.

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