How to Avoid the Biggest Black Hole in Practice Marketing.

Teaser: It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that there’s a “black hole” in practice marketing that can be as devastating as any in the universe. It’s the black hole of lost phone calls and it’s costing practitioners a fortune…

If you suspect that your practice is losing potential revenue to lost phone calls, you are probably right. Most practices lose $50,000 or more each year due to missed, lost or mishandled phone calls. Some lose as much as $250,000 yearly!

How to Avoid the Biggest  Black Hole in Practice Marketing.

In order to correct this problem, you must first understand all the different ways in which calls can be lost – the red flags. They include:

  • Busy office does not have enough phone lines
  • Automated attendant (answering machine) picks up all calls
  • Staff phone person is multi-tasking, sounds busy or puts callers on hold
  • Staff phone person cannot answer basic questions about your practice (hours, fees, etc.)
  • Staff phone person/receptionist is hard to understand
  • Staff phone person/receptionist does not speak the language of most of your patients
  • Phones go unanswered during lunch, on Fridays, etc.
  • Staff person has the wrong personality for customer service
  • Staff person has a poor attitude/not a “people” person

All of the above are correctable. The most effective way to close this “black hole” is to have your staff professionally trained.

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