Is your website really SEO-compatible?

You may not know that SEO, or search engine optimization, is now a true science. Yet most SEO practitioners are still performing basic keyword, competitive and site structure analyses –– and little else.

There’s SEO and there’s true SEO
Real SEO practitioners believe in using the whole armamentarium of SEO strategies, from complete site analyses to on-page and off-page optimization, social media optimization to complete reporting and analytics. In other words, they use all the science behind SEO, not just the easy parts.

Is  your website really SEO-compatible?

The proof is in the outcomes
With comprehensive, state-of-the-art SEO, your site will become easier to find in search engine listings. So it’s easier for patients and referring physicians.

Is  your website really SEO-compatible?

The goal of true SEO is getting your website listed as high as possible in the first few pages (preferably on the first page) of search results on major search engines. Not only should you see your site rise in search engine listings, you should see complete reporting and analytics from your SEO provider.

You should know what’s working and what needs to be adjusted to improve your results. Evidence-based SEO eliminates the guesswork.

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