Watch Your Language With Patients

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Watch Your Language With Patients
Too often, doctors and dentists use the wrong word choices in their patient communications – without even realizing it. Patients often perceive negative connotations in what you consider to be standard language in the healthcare professions. Here’s a simple example…

We often hear or see the term “cutting-edge” used by doctors or dentists who are trying to communicate their advanced, state-of-the-art technology, procedures and techniques. While the word choice may seem benign or insignificant to you, understand that your patient is more likely to conjure up images of scalpels and bleeding and discomfort – all negatives.

Watch Your Language With Patients

The solution for this one is simple. Switch “cutting-edge” to “leading-edge” and eliminate the negative connotation entirely.

Think about how patients may interpret your language and messaging. In medical practice marketing and Internet dental marketing, we always avoid describing the details of preparing for surgery and specific surgical procedures simply because they are so off-putting to patients. Our goal (and yours) in eliminating language barriers should be to attract patients with your healthcare marketing, not repel them.

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