Should You Use Internet Ads to Promote Your Healthcare Practice?

If you’re just starting to create healthcare marketing strategies for your dental or medical practice, trying to decide where to begin can sometimes be overwhelming. From social media sites to blogging to developing a new design for your website, where do you start?

As doctors and dentists in 2015, you probably already have a website for your practice, and you may also already have social media sites. You can use both to start your healthcare marketing strategy through Internet advertising.

Healthcare advertising on the web can take on a few different forms. Below are the top sites to place ads to increase your online profile and to gain more followers:

Should You Use Internet Ads to Promote Your Healthcare Practice?

1) Creating a Google Ad

Putting an ad on Google is a great place to start because this type of ad will link directly to your website. Google ads use targeted keywords, or “AdWords,” to bring up your website when people search for specific terms you’ve chosen, for example, doctors or dentists who offer cosmetic treatments. Your ad will appear separate from the rest of the search results to bring attention to your practice and drive more traffic to your site.

2) Facebook Advertising

You can advertise on Facebook if you have a Facebook business page for your practice. This is an effective strategy if you’re looking for more “likes” to create a more solid presence on Facebook. An ad on Facebook will target friends of your followers or people who have already liked pages similar to yours. Using a Facebook ad to promote an event or special deal that you have is a great way to engage Facebook users and to make your ad stand out.

Should You Use Internet Ads to Promote Your Healthcare Practice?

3) Tweet Your Ad

Ads on Twitter can only be used if you already have a Twitter account. These ads allow you to promote your tweets to a target Twitter audience to help them find and follow you.

One of the benefits of placing an ad on Twitter is that you don’t pay unless someone engages with your promoted tweet by clicking on it or following you, so you’re not wasting money on an ad that isn’t working.

Should You Use Internet Ads to Promote Your Healthcare Practice?

All of these sites allow you to tailor your target audience for a more effective reach, allow you to set your own budget and also provide you with data so you can monitor the success of your advertisements.

There are a lot of ways that doctors and dentists can implement a healthcare marketing plan – advertising online is just one of them. If you’d like to create an online ad or come up with an effective Internet marketing strategy for your healthcare practice, you can contact one of Practice Builder’s marketing consultants at 800.679.1200 or by email at