Why Blogging is Key to Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy


Blogging: What was once considered an online confessional has now evolved into an effective marketing strategy for doctors and dentists. If you haven’t included blogging as part of your healthcare marketing strategy, now is the time to start. Many practices now include blogs on their site as a way to connect with their audience and offer something unique that their competitors don’t have. Whether you’re blogging about the latest news in dentistry or sharing your experience in improving the life of a beloved family pet at your veterinary practice, your healthcare blog can successfully add to your healthcare Internet marketing. Here’s how:

Why Blogging is Key to Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

1) Connect With Your Audience

Writing your own blog content has one very big advantage – there’s nothing else on the Internet like it. While other healthcare practices may write about the same things, your blog posts differ because they offer your own unique view. This personalization helps you connect with your audience and build a relationship with them.

Why Blogging is Key to Your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

2) Be an Expert in Your Field

Not only will you connect with your audience, but your own blog will also help establish you as an expert in your healthcare field. Consistently blogging will help show your audience what you know, and your own knowledge and experience provide them with information and insight that they can’t get on generic healthcare sites.

3) Use SEO Techniques to Get Unique Searches

Use your blog to mine unique keyword searches, increase your search engine website ranking and gain more followers. If you pepper your blog content with search engine optimized keywords, your website and practice will appear higher up in search engine results and will drive more traffic to your site. Not only that, but having more blog posts will also help you access unique SEO keywords that other healthcare websites may not be targeting.

4) Link Up With Social Media

Post your blog entries on Twitter or Facebook as a way to gain even more followers. If you have unique and relevant content, you can reach a wider audience than ever before by providing information that they’re searching for online through different channels, like social media.

Whether you’re blogging daily, twice a week or monthly, adding personalized content to your site will help your dental or medical practice stand out and offer something special to current and future patients. For more information on how to include a blog as part of your healthcare marketing strategies, contact a Practice Builders marketing consultant at 800.679.1200 or by email at info@practicebuilders.com.