7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

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7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

The popularity of social networks is at its peak. According to a report, social media platforms are the most relevant advertising channels for almost 50 percent of Gen Z and 42 percent of millennials.

Even for the healthcare industry, social networks are helping doctors engage patients with timely and relevant information as well as communicate the value of the healthcare system.

The wide variety of healthcare content that can be shared via social networks – from graphics and video to blog posts and infographics – is a fantastic way for doctors to begin capitalizing on their mission and engage with patients.

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

When implemented correctly, social media campaigns are immensely powerful. Of course, proper targeting and optimization are essential to mapping out your strategy. If your medical practice has not yet begun to capitalize on this marketing strategy, it is time to reevaluate your healthcare marketing strategy.

It is a well-accepted fact that personalization is key to physician social media marketing tactics. Social networks provide an excellent opportunity for doctors to increase referrals and improve the overall quality of care – therefore, it is no surprise that the majority of individual healthcare providers are jumping on the social media bandwagon.

Here are seven quick ways to promote your medical practice on social networks:

1. Find where target audience congregates online. It does not make sense to set up your medical practice in the middle of nowhere with no prospects for hundreds of miles around. It also does not make sense to create social profiles on channels where your target audience never goes. It is essential to understand where your current patients and prospects spend their time online and develop your social media plan accordingly. While your patients may be hooked to several platforms, do not try to be everywhere at once. You will not only spread yourself too thin but will also fail to make a concerted effort on any network. Try to choose one or two networks with the strongest presence, and start from there. Facebook can be a good starting point.

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

2. Share useful content. A lot of patients search for healthcare information online, but they often find unreliable resources. Your social media profile should allow patients to access vital information quickly. You can also look for innovative ways to share information such as treatment reminders, general healthcare tips, etc. Sharing the latest news regarding some common health hazards is an effective way to provide useful information to patients. You can also consider providing staff updates, offer information on the latest procedures, share patient care information and provide the latest updates about your medical practice.

3. Encourage patient participation. To encourage active participation from patients, you can consider ending your posts with a friendly suggestion to post a comment. It is good to keep questions open-ended and relevant to your practice. You can also ask patients to share their experiences with your practice. By allowing patients to share their views, you will attract positive reviews to your social media page. Patient engagement is one of the biggest benefits of social media. By gathering patient reviews and comments, you will demonstrate that patient satisfaction is your priority.

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

4. Create online communities. Creating online communities is one of the most recognizable opportunities offered by social networks. Illness can be very isolating for patients. This is where online communities and support groups can help patients cope. Online support communities prove to be more helpful because of their immediacy and accessibility. Almost every social network leverages shared interests to bring potential patients together in an online space, where they can feel comfortable sharing their stories.

Building an online community where your patients can interact with you, as well as with fellow patients, will allow them to connect on many levels. It also allows patients to explore something they may not feel comfortable doing during a face-to-face interaction. Building online communities can help patients come together with others who are experiencing similar problems.

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

5. Respond to patient feedback. Two-way communication between a doctor and patient is critical to the success of any practice. Medical practices that interact with patients through social media networks enjoy more loyalty. It is important to search for your practice mentions on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and respond to patient reviews. Your concern will make patients feel that they are important, and their opinion counts. Once you have addressed patient feedback, you must let patients know about changes and improvements, and thank them for sharing feedback.

6. Improve patient satisfaction. Social networks hold a lot of promise for improving patient satisfaction due to seamless communication. The overall presence a healthcare practitioner might have on a patient’s Facebook newsfeed will go a long way to making the patient feel cared for and involved in his/her treatment options. Through involvement in various healthcare campaigns and seeing care tips, patients will feel empowered in maintaining their health.

Social networks also play a major role in developing a sense of trust and confidence in your patients for your practice. This is because once you are active on social networks, your patients will ask you questions and seek your advice. Be sure to answer their questions in a polite, professional and timely manner, and they will look forward to your inputs. This is one of the best ways to earn your patients’ trust. Even if you cannot answer all of their questions, just the fact that you are acknowledging their problems will show you care and are concerned.

7 Ways Physicians Can Do Social Media Marketing

7. Become a thought leader by sharing informative content. There is nothing wrong with sharing jokes on Facebook and Twitter, but social media can prove to be a key vehicle for establishing yourself as an expert in your field. If you are a family doctor, posting tips or sharing articles from other medical websites about common procedures or treatment options may encourage patients to keep coming back to you for more information. This will build confidence among patients and keep you at the top of potential patients’ minds for future reference.


Creating an active social media presence is one of the best ways to market your medical practice. Physician social media marketing improves patient engagement, drives doctor alignment and fosters a healthier society overall. Practice Builders offers innovative solutions for physician social media marketing and for helping you promote your medical practice and educating the community. To receive a free consultation, call us today.

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