Practice Builders’ Strategic Growth and Marketing Workshop- Philadelphia

Don’t miss your chance to get the strategies that are working–even in this tough economy–at the Practice Builders’ Strategic Growth and Success Workshop coming to Philadelphia February 4-5, 2011. When you register by January 31st, you will pay only $795 for you and a staff member plus you will receive, a $1,200 savings from our original price:

• A marketing plan custom-written for your practice to increase referrals and draw new patients
• 2 or more private consultations with an experienced marketing consultant to discuss your goals and challenges
• A thorough evaluation of your website that will tell you why you’re not getting the new patients you want
• A 25+ tested, proven practice-growth strategies you can implement now to protect and grow your practice
• A 100% satisfaction guarantee
• And more…

To register now, call 833-364-0793 and mention the code: 1101SFREGEB. This offer expires January 31st.

Practice Builders’ Strategic Growth and Marketing Workshop- Philadelphia

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn special new techniques to prevent recession-related losses, drive more of your website visitors into your office and fend off aggressive competitors targeting your patients, your practice and even your practice’s future. There are typically 5 seats in each workshop in order to maximize personal attention to your practice.

Take action now to protect, strengthen and grow your practice with Practice Builders for only $795, only through January 31st. Or you can register now for a “House Call: Onsite Consultation—we’ll come to you. Call us to find out how little this will cost.

Practice Builders’ Strategic Growth and Marketing Workshop- Philadelphia

Call now: 833-364-0793 or register here. Don’t forget to mention the code: 1101SFREGEB to get this offer!

“Since Practice Builders began strategically marketing my practice for me, my revenue is up 20% and my referrals have increased 25%. Recently I’ve added another physician to my practice to help keep up with my growing caseload.”

– Daren S. Primack, MD, FACC