How to Create Content for Your Healthcare Practice’s Mobile Site

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How to Create Content for Your Healthcare Practice’s Mobile Site

If you have a mobile site for your healthcare practice (and in 2016, you definitely should!), it’s important to think about mobile logistics when you’re creating content as part of your healthcare marketing strategy. Because of the dynamics of mobile sites and apps, there are different things to consider when you’re developing content than if you were just creating content for a desktop site exclusively. You don’t need to come up with totally different content for both of your sites. But here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to content on your mobile site:

How to Create Content for Your Healthcare Practice’s Mobile Site

Think of the Size

This is probably the most logical point, but consider the significant size difference between the screen on a desktop computer and that of a mobile phone or tablet. It’s important to find a way to scale down your content for a mobile device, whether it’s by making it smaller or making it “tappable.”

How to Create Content for Your Healthcare Practice’s Mobile Site

Make Your Content Engaging

To attract a mobile audience, you want to ensure that the content is unique, relevant, interesting and engaging. One way to attract an audience’s attention is to focus on creating a winning headline for your content. Other ways to ensure that your content is what your audience wants is to address patient questions and concerns and to see what potential patients in your area are searching for online through Google Analytics.

Consider Scrolling

When users are reading on a mobile device, it usually involves a lot of scrolling. You don’t want to cater exclusively to mobile devices when creating content, so you don’t want every piece you create to be short and sweet. On the other hand, having exclusively long-form content might not track well with mobile audiences, so it’s important to have a mix of both for both audiences. But if you keep your longer content engaging and sizable to a mobile device, you can still engage your mobile audience as well.

Use Graphics

Infographics can be used for both desktop and mobile content since it parses a lot of information in a visually engaging and easy-to-read format for your audience. You can also add more infographics to your content-creation strategy to help engage and draw in a mobile audience.

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