Is It Okay to Repeat Content Online?


When it comes to creating online marketing content, it’s been stated over and over again that creating original content is important to all healthcare marketing strategies to generate interest and to help improve your practice’s search engine ranking. With originality in mind, it may seem like repetition when it comes to your content is a serious no-no. However, it’s actually not a bad idea to share the same content on social media more than once. Here’s why:

Highlight Your Best Work

In content creation, there’s always a moment where you write an article that stands out from the rest. Not that your other posts are bad per se, but we all have written work that comes out better than our other pieces whether it’s because of the topic, the mood you were in when your wrote it or your personal passion for the subject.

Is It Okay to Repeat Content Online?

By sharing a blog post more than once, you allow your best work to show up on your patients’ and followers’ social media feeds more often, giving you an opportunity to highlight your best work.

Keep Up With Social Media Demands

If you want to keep a very active social media account, repeating posts occasionally provides you with enough content to stay active on social media on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Is It Okay to Repeat Content Online?

Gain More Traffic

It may seem like repeating a post will generate little to no traffic the second or third time you share it. However, the opposite is actually true. Did you know that a repeat share of content can generate as much as half of the traffic you gained on the first post?

While repeating content has its benefits, there are some guidelines to remember. Try not to repeat content too quickly after you share it the first time to give your followers a chance to forget the content a bit. Keeping track of your content and pre-scheduling a repeat post will also help keep you organized so you don’t over-share the same piece. When you’re posting the same content a second or third time, it’s also a good idea to repurpose the post – don’t use the same description on social media more than once in order to keep your repeat posts as fresh as original ones. Try to find a new way of describing the content to your followers so it’s not just copying and pasting.

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