The amazing power of patient testimonials

Looking for an advertising or marketing strategy with a great track record and proven results for healthcare practices?
Patient testimonials can give you added credibility, a closer connection to your target audience and some attention-getting marketing messages. Just be careful how you present them in the context of your marketing plan and objectives.

Testimonials from satisfied patients are among the most effective marketing messages any healthcare practice can use. Why? Because we human beings tend to trust the reviews, recommendations and referrals that come from people who are most like ourselves.

Your patients often tell your story best.

If you are like most healthcare practitioners you probably have some or many patients who are raving fans of your care and your practice. They express their appreciation. They refer other patients to you. Obviously, they are the best ones to tell your story to potential new patients. There’s always greater credibility in hearing how wonderful you are from someone else.

The amazing power  of patient testimonials

Ideally, testimonials will come to you unsolicited. Satisfied patient emails, letters or handwritten notes can be kept in a folder on your computer or in a three-ring binder labeled “Testimonials/Patient.” If you receive similar kinds of testimonials from referring practitioners, you can keep them in a folder or binder labeled “Testimonials/ Professional.” If you do not receive any unsolicited testimonials, don’t despair. You or your staff can also ask for them. The perfect time to ask is when a patient makes a positive statement about your care during a visit.

You or a member of your staff can explain how important it is to have happy, satisfied patients and ask if the patient would be willing to “put it in writing.” Many patients will be happy to accommodate your request. Make it easy for them to provide feedback by giving them a patient satisfaction survey.

The amazing power  of patient testimonials

Use a Patient Satisfaction Survey
One of the simplest yet most effective tools you can use to solicit patient testimonials is the time-honored patient satisfaction survey.  Ask every patient to fill out the survey. The survey can be emailed to the patient and it only takes a couple of minutes and their responses will help you better serve them in the future. Their responses may also provide you with testimonials you can use in your marketing program.

The best testimonials, aside from having good things to say about you and your practice, will speak to those specific services, treatments, procedures or diagnoses that you are trying to promote within your practice.

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