4 Uncommon Dental Office Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

Dental Office Marketing

Dental office marketing has changed a lot in the past decade. Some marketers believe that dental marketing has changed more in the past five years than in the previous 20 years.

Most dental practices these days are adopting digital marketing. However, not all weapons in the digital marketing arsenal are equally effective. Some dental office marketing strategies are more appropriate for solo practices, while others prove more fruitful for bigger hospitals or group practices.

Do you know which dental office marketing plan you should adopt to boost the growth of your practice? Through this blog post, you will learn about four uncommon (but highly useful) marketing techniques for small, and mid-sized practices.

4 Uncommon Dental Office Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

Let’s dive in!

Marketing Ideas for Dental Office

The dental care market is very crowded, but that is common knowledge. To propel your brand in this competitive landscape, you need a robust dental office marketing plan. A strong healthcare marketing plan will contribute to the bottom line and strengthen your online presence.

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4 Uncommon Dental Office Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

You’ll need to focus on getting your dental practice visible to the target audience. Even though the digital world is vast, marketing ideas for dental offices revolve around your target audience. You must also know who your prospects are and how, when, and where they interact with your brand. This is where the importance of choosing the right strategies comes in handy! Any digital marketing strategy can get you started, but only the most relevant ones will help you achieve your business goals. Here are our recommendations for the most relevant marketing ideas for dental office:

Dental Office Marketing

1. Email Marketing for Dental Office

From crisp subject lines to engaging messages, email marketing can give an ROI of over 122% if done right. Emails provide a personal touch, and nothing fires up a patient’s brand loyalty more than receiving customized mails from his or her dental care provider. Think from the patient’s perspective and include relevant information in the emails. You can also consider using digital marketing tools for automating emails for your dental practice, to stay on top of your dental office marketing game.

4 Uncommon Dental Office Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

2. Influencer Dental Marketing

You have landing pages up, newsletters and emails rolling in, and your blogs are being updated with the most relevant content regularly- but you are still unable to achieve your business goals. This is where influencer marketing comes in to help you reach out to a broader target audience. All you need to do is contact a few influential celebrities and get them to talk about your products or services or becoming brand ambassadors. The next question is – how do you ask for help? Search Twitter or other social networks to identify critical celebrities and connect with them. Your influencer will represent your brand. Just be sure to keep your target audiences’ needs in mind before hiring an influencer to promote your brand.

3. Dental office Social Media Marketing

Next, you will want to establish your dental practice brand on social networks. While you can claim your name on every popular social network, it’s better to start with just two networks to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Social networks allow you to interact with your target audience, engage them, and spread awareness about your brand and services. Patient-provider interaction ranks high in terms of converting leads to patients using social networks. You can consider using online tools to analyze and generate performance reports to identify trending content, click rate, audience reach, and learn valuable insights on user engagement.

Dental Office Marketing

4 Uncommon Dental Office Marketing Ideas That Actually Work!

4. Content Marketing

Once the basics are in place – emails, influencers, and social profiles– you will want to start building a library of original and fresh content. Content marketing will make it easier for potential patients to find your dental practice on SERPs (search engine result pages). Content marketing is all about creating content around topics and subjects related to your dental practice to help prospects find your services on the internet. This type of marketing uses search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your rank in search results. Ideally, your dental marketing plan should include what type of content you will be creating, where it will be visible, and how frequently the content is going to be shared. Your content will help establish your brand’s voice.


With all of these dental office marketing tips and plans, you can improve your campaigns based on who your target audience is and what works for them. It’s essential to enter the mindset of your target audience when drafting your digital marketing strategies. Start small, invest wisely, monitor regularly, and be open to realigning your digital marketing strategy accordingly. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon. The prize won’t be given to the fastest, but to those who don’t give up!

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Dental Marketing Plan

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