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Internal Medicine Practice Marketing

Internal Medicine

Help more patients with today’s most common diseases.

As an internist, you know that millions of Baby Boomers offer you opportunities to benefit from their increasing need for help with common diseases such as arthritis, cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, your direct competitors also want these patients.

How will you stand out and ensure that you get your fair share? What methods and internal medicine marketing strategies will help you attract new patients, or a different mix of patients? How will you increase your professional referrals in such a competitive environment? What new services will add to your financial bottom line or make managing your practice easier?

Practice Builders has helped other internal medicine specialists to:

  • Attract more Baby Boomers who need care for common diseases
  • Attract those who will pay cash for their services
  • Out-compete other internists who may be pursuing the same patients
  • Educate patients and referring physicians about their capabilities
  • Market themselves effectively during recessions and healthcare reform

Practice Builders offers proven internal medicine marketing strategies developed over 30 years in practice marketing.

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