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INTRO: In addition to care- quality, success, and profitability of your urology practice is very important to focus on within your marketing efforts. Urology marketing takes more than hanging a shingle and hoping for the best.

For every successful urology practice, there are at least a dozen other urology practices that may not have been able to open their doors. Differentiating your urology practice from other competitors’ makes a difference in receiving more referrals from PCPs and oncologists. Do not forget, you also need to overcome the challenge to your bottom line from severe Medicare reimbursement cuts for essential drugs such as Lupron.

The questions that frequently pop up during our discussions with urology practice owners are:

  • How can I expand my practice?
  • Will adding another urologist help me streamline processes and make my practice more lucrative to new patients?
  • How can I gain market share?
  • Why do I need to manage my brand’s online visibility?
  • What is the most effective urology practice marketing strategy for my unique needs?

Why should you invest in urology marketing?

Urologists should start utilizing digital marketing for the following reasons:

  • A decline in reimbursements to urologists leads to an increased need to acquire newer patients and fill the revenue gap.
  • An increase in the percentage of tech-savvy patients who rely heavily on online platforms like third-party review sites, search engines, social networks, etc., for finding a new urologist.

The points mentioned above emphasize the need for a robust urology marketing strategy. Let us discuss the different online tools and tactics that can increase patient acquisition opportunities for you alongside, increasing profitability.

Our urology marketing services and how they help you

Urology search engine optimization (SEO): When potential patients don’t have a referral, they search for urologists online. This trend has been on the rise lately. Orology SEO is an organic, non-paid way to attract more local traffic to your website. The urology SEO process starts with identifying relevant and lucrative keywords that potential patients might use during their searches and optimizing your online content. A lot of efforts go into optimizing your website for relevant keywords and ensuring that whenever a potential patient searches the Internet for local urologists, your website will rank on top of the search results. Higher website traffic means increased leads and more appointments.

Urology online reputation management (ORM): Urology is a highly competitive specialty. This means a lot of urologists are battling for an increase in market share. This also means that urologists who don’t have an excellent online reputation will lose the battle with their competitors. In today’s digitally driven world, an excellent online reputation means 5-star ratings and positive patient reviews across relevant third-party review sites. Online reviews play an integral role in motivating potential patients to choose your urology practice over competitors. In fact, the majority of new patients will use online reviews to evaluate your care quality and patient service. Our urology online reputation management strategy will help you acquire more positive reviews on popular third-party review sites by facilitating your satisfied patients to share their experiences about their visit to your urology practice.

Urology website design and development: Your website represents your urology practice online – consider it the face of your practice. It showcases your brand, conveys your message, and communicates with your target audience around the clock. With more than 40 years of experience in urology website design and development, our experts are trained to build websites that attract new patients while retaining the existing ones. We assure you that mobile-friendly websites built by us will leave a fantastic first impression on visitors while protecting their private health information (PHI). With such intense competition out there, our experts know that you need a urology practice website that is engaging, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasant, and quick to load.

Urology social media marketing: Most people use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for healthcare-related information. To widen their reach, urologists must also build an active presence on relevant social media platforms. Social media marketing for urologists allows providers to build trust and develop a credible reputation for patient-centric practice. You can also consider using YouTube for sharing informational content and broadcasting it to your followers. Instead of targeting only people with urology problems, try to address generic issues. Create content that answers commonly asked questions, offers advice, and helps you become a trusted part of people’s lives. That way, when they have any urology-related problem, you’ll be the first place they will turn for help.

Why choose us?

Simply because we will help you stand out from the crowd and put you in front of a potential audience. A strategic social media presence, a mobile-friendly website, proven search engine optimization techniques, effective PPC strategies, and the power of online reputation management will grow your patient volume by highlighting your unique services and how you are equipped to address patients’ needs.

Our tested and proven urology marketing ideas will help you:

  • Attract more infection, bladder dysfunction, and vasectomy referrals to your practice from PCPs,
  • Increase your more lucrative radical prostatectomy and robotic radical prostatectomy referrals from oncologists,
  • Court a potential referrer’s staff members, who are often the real directors of referrals,
  • Overcome reimbursement cuts with higher reimbursing and more profitable patients and cases, and
  • Target specific patients to help make your practice more rewarding and professionally satisfying.

An essential component of our strategic approach to urology advertising is tracking results. Our tactics are based not just on our experience but also on measured outcomes. Your urology marketing plan will strive to attract new patients, retain the existing ones, nurture relationships with patients and build trust. And we know what works in urology marketing because we track results and continue to learn from the experiences.

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