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Pediatric Dentistry Marketing

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Pediatric Dentistry Marketing

Helping You Attract More Referrals and High-Paying Pediatric Dental Patients

Marketing your pediatric dental practice can be challenging, especially when your attention is pulled in different directions. Between finding new patients and looking after existing ones, marketing tends to fall low on your list of priorities. But marketing is essential to growing your pediatric dental practice.

Given the fact that there are not many dentists trained in dentistry for children, pediatric dentistry has become a unique field. Often, parents take their children to a family dentist because they are unaware of the experience offered by pediatric dentists. So, how do you make your pediatric dental practice more visible for parents with young children? Many pediatric dentists use digital medical marketing to reach their target audience and increase leads.

Successfully marketing your pediatric dental practice requires combining the right marketing strategies to reach your business goals. Do you want more referrals? Do you wish to attract parents who are looking for a pediatric dentist for their children? Or just an increase in new patients for your pediatric dental startup? Marketing your pediatric dental practice can increase your practice’s online visibility, improve its brand image and connect you with a more substantial target audience. With a robust dental marketing plan, you can have more patients in your waiting room.

At Practice Builders, we aim to provide you with unparalleled customer service. Our marketing specialists will make suggestions based on your marketing needs and goals. Each marketing plan is custom-made to your specific needs. The success of your pediatric dental practice is our success.

Our marketing professionals are trained in using the latest marketing techniques to boost your practice’s online reputation and drive more patients to your waiting room. Our qualified web developers, content marketers and SEO experts work together to help your practice reach its goals. Whether you are looking to attract parents with children or aiming to improve your brand image, we can help you turn your leads into brand advocates for your pediatric dental practice.


Online Reputation Management

Is there a negative online review of your pediatric dental practice that is affecting your practice adversely? When potential patients are looking for a pediatric dental practice, they often turn to online reviews for suggestions. Potential patients are more likely to trust online reviews and testimonials over paid advertising campaigns. Online reputation management is critical for pediatric dentists because it helps them foster stronger relationships with existing and potential patients. We offer unique strategies to track and mitigate negative online reviews to manage your online reputation effectively. Our teams are equipped and trained to provide you with complete reputation analysis and management strategies.

Website Design

You can have the most amazing pediatric dentist website, but if it is not attracting visitors or turning visitors into leads, it will not do you much good. At Practice Builders, we build websites with search engine optimization and conversion optimization research behind them. Our websites designs are user-friendly and mobile responsive with biannual updates. Imagine never having to worry about updating your pediatric dental website again! We are here to keep you updated so that you can focus on pediatric dentistry.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks are becoming an efficient way of attracting new patients and keeping existing patients engaged with your pediatric dental practice. We ensure our customers reach their target audience and generate leads through highly targeted ads and social media promotions. Your target audience also expects your pediatric dental practice to have an active presence on social networks so that the parents of your existing and potential patients can connect with your practice on a more personal level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As specialists in implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for pediatric dental websites, we understand what is needed to achieve the best organic rankings possible. Our experts are continuously researching and testing the algorithms that determine search engines’ ranking. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that your website performance is monitored, and SEO adjustments are regularly made. Our experts will ensure that your website will reach optimal search results even in the most competitive markets.


A pediatric dental practice’s brand includes both the visible and invisible aspects that form its identity. The visible elements are things like your brand’s logo, tagline and mission and vision statements. The invisible things are related to the message you give out and the way you make your patients feel about your practice. Strong branding can be the difference between a successful practice and an unsuccessful practice. At Practice Builders, we can help you create and maintain a healthy brand that will help your pediatric dental practice stand out from competitors.

If you are ready to drive potential patients to your pediatric dental practice, then give us a call at 833-364-0793, or contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation for your pediatric dentistry practice and see how we can help your practice grow!

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