Bariatric Surgery Marketing Strategies

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Bariatric Surgery Marketing Strategies

Bariatric Surgery Marketing Strategies to Bring More Patients to Your Practice

Millions of Google searches occur for Bariatric surgery every year in the U.S. Most potential patients will only find your practice online if it is positioned prominently to attract organic traffic.

However, most bariatric surgeons find it difficult to attract and retain patients with bariatric surgery marketing strategies like “before-and-after” pictures combined with patient reviews and testimonials. So how do you plan to compete in this competitive and over-saturated market?

As a bariatric surgeon, you understand the challenges all too well: Media stories scaring away patients considering gastric bypass or lap-band surgery, or low-paying HMO or Medicaid cases are starving your practice of revenue. Maybe your online presence is not showcasing the quality of care that you provide, or one bad review is hurting your practice.

With all these challenges, how will you attract more of the cash-paying, elective bariatric cases you want that pay you up to four times what insurance reimburses? This is where proven bariatric practice marketing services from Practice Builders will help you!

At Practice Builders, one of the most reputed and successful bariatric digital marketing agencies around, we know that you’ll need to utilize proven and result-driven marketing tactics to compete in a crowded market. This means creating a targeted marketing message for your practice that gets heard and drives the desired response.

Bariatric Digital Marketing Services: To Help You Compete and Grow

For a medical specialty as competitive and challenging as bariatric surgery, you need a mix of passive and active bariatric marketing strategies to acquire new patients and retain the existing ones. Active strategies will focus on networking with referring physicians to build your referral pool, while passive bariatric marketing strategies will help extend your market reach. Some of the most powerful passive techniques include a mobile-friendly website, relevant content, social media marketing, and more.

The result is improved patient acquisition and increased profitability. Want to learn more about how this works?

At Practice Builders, our bariatric marketing experts observe the different guidelines and regulations while writing copy for your website, creating content for your blog posts, or responding to patient reviews on your social media profiles. Speaking of patient reviews, we use best of class and results-driven bariatric surgery marketing strategies that are HIPAA-compliant for establishing and managing the online reputation of bariatric surgeons.

Here are some of our services that will help you strengthen your bariatric surgery market strategy and gain an edge over competitors:

Website design and development for bariatric surgery practices: Whether you want to build a new bariatric surgery website or revamp an existing one, our experts will do it for you. We will build a professional-looking, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and informative website for your bariatric surgery practice that will help you acquire new patients and retain the existing ones.

Email marketing for bariatric surgery practices: Loyal patients are your best assets, so stay in touch with them through engaging and relevant emails highlighting important news about your bariatric surgery practice. Our email marketing experts will put together a campaign to help you meet your unique business needs and goals.

Online reputation management for bariatric surgery practicesOnline patient reviews, especially positive ones, are an integral part of bariatric surgery advertising and marketing strategies. Most new patients read at least five to six online reviews before scheduling an appointment with a new bariatric surgery practitioner. This makes it vital that your practice has a positive online presence and lots of positive reviews so that new patients can see how credible and skilled your staff is.

Content creation and marketing for bariatric surgery practicesAs a bariatric practice marketing strategy, content marketing works pretty well, primarily when implemented in combination with other digital marketing strategies. Creating relevant and informative content is critical as it connects your practice with prospects and existing patients and tells them about your successful services. Regardless of the digital platform, you chose to share your content on; our content marketing experts will ensure that your target audiences find it engaging.

Social media marketing for bariatric surgery practicesIn the current digital age, most of the action happens on social networks. Social media is an effective platform to help you engage potential patients. Our effective bariatric social media marketing campaigns will help you strengthen your social media presence and attract new patients.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for bariatric surgery practicesSEO, including the power of local SEO, brings together all of your digital bariatric surgery marketing efforts. Responsive websites, relevant content, and strategically planned campaigns are the three pillars of a successful SEO campaign. SEO is a critical component of your bariatric surgery strategy and supports other essentials, including content marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, and paid ads.

Why Choose Us?

With Practice Builders’ proven bariatric marketing strategies, you will be able to:

  1. Rebalance your caseload with more cash-paying, elective cases, and fewer HMO and Medicaid patients.
  2. Overcome your referrers and patients’ misguided fears about surgery.
  3. Escape your reliance on ineffective hospital-based medical and bariatric marketing.
  4. Stand apart from your competitors and keep a tab on the latest bariatric surgery market trends.
  5. Create an online presence on your website, social media platforms and review sites that reflect your quality of care (we will manage your online reputation to showcase the reviews of your happiest patients).

You can achieve all the above through your customized bariatric surgery marketing plan. The step-by-step plan will be designed for your practice to match your strategic goals and budget. Your marketing plan can be delivered to you over the phone (and web meetings) or through an onsite visit.

If you don’t need a complete plan and need specific marketing services such as bariatric website design, SEO, or online reputation management, we are here to help.

Working alongside organic SEO, a paid ads campaign will help fill in the holes and bolster your online presence. Our paid advertising campaigns will ensure that your practice never misses a day of online visibility and maximizes the potential of your bariatric marketing efforts.

Please contact us to learn more about bariatric surgery marketing strategies and receive a complimentary marketing consultation for your bariatric practice by filling out the form on the right or calling 855-898-2710.

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