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Innovative Telemedicine Marketing Ideas to Put Your Medical Practice on the Path to Success

Did you know that the number of physicians in the US offering telemedicine services has increased from less than 18% in 2018 to 48% in 2020?

Enormous growth isn’t it!

The COVID-19 pandemic has played an integral role in enabling this growth, prompting many healthcare providers to deliver virtual care in the spirit of social distancing. With telemedicine the “new normal”, has increased the need to inform your target audience of your virtual services, to continue promoting your practice against competitors. Unfortunately, most medical practitioners are unsure of how to promote telemedicine services to their target audiences.
This is where experts at Practice Builders, an experienced and reputable telemedicine marketing agency, can help you!

How can we help you promote your telemedicine services?

Without a strategic telehealth marketing plan, easy to navigate website design, search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising, social media marketing, and other digital marketing tactics, growing your telemedicine practice will be a struggle.

At Practice Builders, we understand the challenges of growing a telemedicine practice and are prepared with the latest technology to help you connect with potential patients. Here are some of the strategies our experts will use to place your practice in front of your target audience:

Website design and development for telemedicine practices: A telemedicine practice website needs to be easy to navigate, providing your visitors with quality content on every page. Conversion factors such as prominently placed contact details, video conferencing consultation options, and a quick reference guide for first-time visitors, should be prominently visible, and quick to load. Website designers at Practice Builders are trained to build conversion-friendly websites that are mobile friendly and easy to use.

Social media marketing for telemedicine practices: Social networks are a must-have for telemedicine service marketing. Social media has really helped to promote practice presence and online reputations. However, telemedicine advertising on social networks requires continuous, and consistent effort. Merely creating social profiles and posting random content will not grow your telemedicine practice. In order to be successful, you will need to establish an organic telehealth marketing strategy based on your target audience and customizing a strategy for each social platform. Once you have decided which social media platforms to advertise on, our experts will create the right content type.

Paid ads for telemedicine practices: Paid ads allow you to promote your telemedicine practice by placing your website at the top of search results. In PCC campaigns, you pay when a potential patient clicks an online ad, placed by your brand. Search engines such as Google offer great PPC advertising options, including standard listings and geotargeting options. Paid ads are a fantastic telemedicine practice marketing strategy if you are looking to attract more traffic and leads to your website. At Practice Builders, we understand the importance of custom designing a PPC ad campaign explicitly built to help you meet your unique business goals. Once executed, our teams will monitor and fine-tune PPC ad campaigns’ performance by changing ad copy to better qualify click-through rates, removing ineffective keywords, and including more content based on data.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for telemedicine practices: Unlike paid ads that provide instant gratification in terms of traffic to your website, SEO requires long-term strategy and attention to detail to show results. Every day, millions of telehealth-related searches are taking place on search engines like Google. Patients usually search for key terms like “telehealth near me.” If your website does not appear on top of the search results for such keywords, you will lose patients to competitors. Just starting up your telemedicine practice? We strongly suggest including an SEO campaign in your marketing mix to drive traffic and attract new patients. Any delay in implementing SEO will hamper your chances of success.

Local SEO for telemedicine practices: Since telehealth services are not restricted to a particular geographic area, geotargeting your content is not required. In fact, it would be a mistake if you didn’t claim your Google My Business profile. Experts at Practice Builders will help you create, claim, and optimize your Google My Business listing and build citations for your medical practice to show up higher in local search results. Listings like Google My Business are an excellent platform for potential patients to read reviews about healthcare providers they are considering. Google My Business also allows you to include two links to your local listings – a link to COVID-19 information and another to Telehealth services offered by your practice. You must take advantage of these facilities to promote your telehealth services.

Why choose us?

We have more than four decades of experience working with medical practices of various sizes and specialties. This gives us in-depth expertise and unparalleled knowledge across the spectrum of health and allows us to create successful strategies to help grow your telemedicine practice.

Our experts will help you build a comprehensive telemedicine marketing strategy tailored to your unique needs. As a telehealth marketing agency, we will create a customized marketing campaign to increase your patient volume and eventually, your bottom line. We will use our expertise and knowledge to build an outreach campaign based on patients who expressed trust in your telehealth practice. We will also create emails, blog posts, and social media content to remind patients why your telehealth practice should be their first choice.

At Practice Builders, we can help your telemedicine practice set up brand-new websites and social media profiles, even reset existing ones. Our telemedicine marketing plan will include ideation and creation of fresh content for daily, weekly, and monthly updates to increase your brand’s online visibility, help you stay ahead of the competition, and help you achieve your growth goals. Our experts will share proven and tailored telehealth marketing ideas with you to take your practice to the next level.

Regardless of your marketing budget, we can customize campaigns to fit your unique needs and goals.

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