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Pediatrics Marketing Services

Expanding Your Practice With Effective Pediatrics Marketing Campaigns

As a primary care physician who specializes in caring for children, adolescents and teens, the pediatrician often faces the challenge of distinguishing him or herself from family practitioners and generalist primary care physicians. The average healthcare consumer may not know the difference, and may not know that a pediatrician is more than qualified to care for their children until the children reach adulthood.

Patient education should be an important component of the pediatrician’s marketing efforts, both in traditional printed materials, such as practice brochures, and on the Web, through websites, blogs and social media content. By clearly spelling out the benefits of pediatric specialty care, the pediatrician can attract more patients directly and through selected physician referrals, using:

  • The latest web-based and e-media marketing strategies
  • Effective patient education and social media outreach
  • Patient-friendly web sites backed by real SEO and hosting services
  • Cash-based services (e.g. weight loss, fitness) that match patient needs

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