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Physical Therapy Marketing

Customize Your Physical Therapy Marketing Needs to Increase Referrals in a Competitive Market

Today, physical therapists face challenges as never before. Whether it is competition for referrals or a struggle against declining reimbursements, more and more physical therapists have come to understand that effective physical therapy marketing strategies can help them do what even the best care cannot.

Having a website or a social media profile is one thing. But in order to cut through the noise and make your practice stand out, you must fire on all cylinders. Effective physical therapy digital marketing requires a strong focus on improving the patient experience, from a responsive website to innovative social media campaigns. At Practice Builders, we focus on physical therapy marketing ideas that help your practice succeed.

When it comes to marketing physiotherapy practices and building a more reliable brand, we offer a variety of proven and useful strategies. Some of these include:

Physical Therapy Website Design

Your website is perhaps your first point of interaction with prospects. Make it memorable. Website design is critical when marketing physical therapy services to potential patients. With the majority of prospects using their smartphones to search for local physical therapists, your website design has to be more than just pretty. It needs to be optimized for modern mobile devices. Using our innovative website marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics, we will make your practice look credible, which will result in higher patient volume.

Physical Therapy Online Reputation Management

Physical therapy being an elective procedure, patients have the luxury to choose the therapist they are more comfortable visiting; this is where online reviews of your physical therapy practice come in. Attracting and maintaining positive reviews of your practice is easier said than done, and that’s why online reputation management is an integral piece of our PT marketing services. At Practice Builders, a reputed physical therapy marketing agency, we will implement a proven review acquisition strategy to attract more positive reviews for your practice. Our physical therapy digital marketing experts will share your credentials, certifications, and success stories online to attract more traction online and take your practice to the top of search results.

Search Engine Optimization (Physical Therapy SEO)

Most patients use their phones to search for physical therapists in their area. And the majority of these searchers don’t look past the first page of Google search results. This means, appearing on the first page of Google search is crucial to marketing physiotherapy services. If your practice isn’t highly ranked, there is little chance that prospects will know your practice exists. Having optimized content on your site will enable potential patients to find you easily. Our well-planned and proven SEO marketing for physical therapy campaigns will address these concerns and tailor a plan specific to your practice.

Physical Therapy Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies, but it increases leads by three times and conversion rates by six times. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable content to educate, attract and retain patients. When used correctly, content marketing can be one of the most promising marketing ideas for physical therapy practice. At Practice Builders, our experts are trained to create and distribute content in a manner that helps you reach new patients, educate prospects about your services and improve your online reputation.

Physical Therapy Social Media Marketing

Talking about online marketing for physical therapists, social networks are powers to be reckoned with. Social networks create direct lines of communication between practice and patients. But physical therapists have a million balls to juggle, so using that direct line of communication might be an uphill task. This is where our experts will help you plan and execute social media campaigns, connect with the target audience, set the record straight and increase your bottom line. Some physical therapy social media ideas include sharing health tips, uploading team videos, arranging virtual office tours, announcing new services, etc.

Marketing for physical therapists doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about determining your goals and having the right strategies to help you get there. However, to achieve goals, the right combination of these strategies is crucial, which is why partnering with experienced physical therapy marketing consultants can have a significant impact on your success. It will take the guesswork out of PT marketing and empower you to move forward to achieve the best results.

Why Choose Us?

Marketing can be the deciding factor between your success and failure, and that’s why we take physical therapy marketing very seriously. Our experts will provide custom physical therapy marketing ideas to convert website visitors into your most loyal patients and biggest brand advocates. Online marketing for physical therapists is our forte. We’ve helped thousands of physical therapists attract patients and grow their practice with our innovative and proven marketing strategies for physical therapy clinics.

Physical therapy marketing is one of Practice Builders’ leading areas of expertise. Over the years, physical therapists across the country have come to rely on our expertise to help them grow and protect what they have worked so hard to achieve. Do you want more patients coming into your practice? Our proven marketing ideas for physical therapy can help you attract and retain them.

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