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Planning a Successful ENT Marketing Strategy While Building and Strengthening Your Practice

One of the disturbing trends in ENT or otolaryngology care is the increasing encroachment on your professional services by primary-care physicians. These PCPs, you see, have discovered what you already know: ENT and otolaryngology specialties is rewarding, both financially and professionally.

To offset this encroachment and to avoid so-called “turf wars,” many ENTs and otolaryngologists have converted or are in the process of converting their practices to more elective cases, that is, cases that are cash-paying and ongoing.

Some ENTs and otolaryngologists have discovered nonsurgical cosmetic procedures and have never looked back.

If you are facing:

  • Increased competition within and outside your specialty
  • Lower reimbursements for otolaryngological services
  • Decreased professional satisfaction

Unique, Proven ENT Marketing Strategies To Help Your Practice Thrive

For people seeking ENT care, it’s a common practice to search online for practitioners and read reviews about their services and staff.

As an ENT practitioner, you cannot control new patients’ search behaviors, but you can control what they read about your ENT practice online. With our proven, effective mental health marketing strategies, you can ensure that new patients find you online, see your practice name on the first page of Google search results and read only positive reviews about your services.

Consistent ENT or otolaryngology marketing will make it easy for new patients to see what services you offer and how they can benefit from them.

Here’re some of the ENT doctor marketing solutions we can offer to help grow your practice.

Content Marketing for ENT Professionals: Content marketing is an integral part of the overall ENT marketing plan and works well in combination with other marketing strategies, so it’s essential to your campaign. Creating and sharing quality content is key as it connects your ENT practice with new patients and tells them about your services. Content can be anything from web pages to social media posts to blogs. We will make sure the content is informative and useful for your target audience.

Social Media Marketing for ENT Professionals: Social networks are the ideal platforms to post updates in the form of content, graphics, and useful links. For instance, if you have launched a new service at your ENT practice, you can share that information with your followers through social profiles. One of the best ENT or otolaryngology marketing ideas is to post regular updates through your social media pages to ensure that more and more prospects see your posts and consider your ENT practice as a trusted and credible place.

Email Marketing for ENT Professionals: Usually, when you get leads from different sources, you also get email addresses and phone numbers during form submissions. This means you already have a massive list of accurate email addresses. How are you using this data? Are you emailing these leads, engaging them, or trying to convert them into paying patients? When planned properly and executed professionally, email marketing is the best ENT advertising tool, and can help you target prospects with relevant information tailored to them. Our experts will make marketing ENT practice a breeze for you through content-rich emails to new and existing patients.

Why Choose Us?

At Practice Builders, we help ENT practitioners achieve success through our customized ENT marketing strategies. We create a custom ENT marketing plan to promote your service and help you attract more patients.

Our ENT marketing experts will help you overcome challenges by planning and executing effective ENT or otolaryngology marketing plan for your practice. Our consultants will help you launch and brand your practice, help you convey the right marketing message to the right audience, increase referrals and maximize your market share.

Your ENT marketing plan will include detailed ideas and a proposed schedule. We recommend our ENT marketing services if you are looking to establish consistent growth in your leads, increase social followers and improve the bottom line. Some of the services include search engine marketing (SEO), medical website design, social media marketing, branding, online reputation management and staff training.

You can contact the best healthcare marketing agency for a complimentary consultation for your ENT practice by filling out the form on the right or by calling 855-898-2710.

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