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Overcome managed care, reimbursement cuts and rising overhead continue to eat away at your profit margin.

Managed care, reimbursement cuts and rising overhead continue to eat away at your profit margin, forcing you to work longer hours. To compensate, are you courting new referrers so you can increase your bread-and-butter, higher-profit Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) patients?

Sleep is a booming industry and you are smart to add this profit center to your pulmonology practice. But sleep centers are popping up all over town. There is increasing competition. What are you doing about the new sleep center opening up down the street?

Practice Builders pulmonology marketing strategies have helped dozens of pulmonologists like you to:

  • Attract more high-profit Pulmonary Function Tests that can be performed by your assistant
  • Secure your pulmonology market share and dramatically increase the number of referrals you receive immediately
  • Attract your share of the exploding sleep market
  • Out-compete PCPs, sleep doctors, cardiologists and other pulmonologists targeting your sleep patients
  • Avoid the low-profit managed care trap

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