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You have a couple of significant challenges this year. One is the trend by FPs and GPs to treat allergy and asthma patients instead of referring them out.

The other challenge is the increasing effectiveness of over-the-counter medications that now do what you used to do in an office visit.

As allergists fight for a decreasing pool of referrers, that scenario can overwhelm the average practice.

To help keep your current referrers, move your “B” referrers to “A” status and generate new referrals, you need to differentiate yourself from all the other specialists in your area. In short, you need allergy & asthma marketing to stand out from the crowd.

If that sounds like you have to be promotional or “sales-y,” don’t worry. At your Practice Builders 2-day Healthcare Marketing Strategies Workshop, you’ll learn referral strategies that are resourceful and effective.

Directing you towards the right path, Workshops are held over 70 times a year in cities across the country. (Onsite consultations are held at your convenience.) You’ll get an extensive marketing education in a small-group setting and 2 private consultations. Plus, you’ll walk out with a written, customized allergy marketing plan to help you reach your allergy & asthma marketing success.

Please contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation for your Allergy and Asthma practice by filling out the form on the right or by calling (855)898-2710.

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