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With more and more adults seeking to halt or reverse the effects of aging on their health and appearance, more and more medical spas, or Medspas, sprang up just prior to the most recent recession to meet the demand.

Though the recession hurt business for many Medspas, those who focus on physician-supervised and results-oriented procedures, such as reducing wrinkles or removing varicose veins, have fared somewhat better. Of the Medspas still around today, most offer a blend of cosmetic services such as minor plastic surgery procedures (e.g. microdermabrasion and Botox®), and more traditional spa services, such as massage, facials, skin care and nail care. An increasing number are offering physician-supervised weight loss programs, as well.

How do you know which services are best for consumers in your area, and which services will bring you the best ROI? What Med spas marketing, Web and social media strategies will help you attract the right clientele for your practice and keep them coming back for more services?

Practice Builders offers proven Med spa marketing ideas, plan and strategies developed over 30 years in practice marketing.

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What other clients are saying
What other Medspas are saying

"We now have more word-of-mouth referrals and more exposure through our “friends on the Internet.” We have added more to our patient base through social media efforts."

Fadi E. Saba, MD, and Cosette Saba, RN
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