Since 1979, thousands of people just like you have had Practice Builders help their practices reach their goals. Here, you can read Practice Builders reviews and testimonials for each profession.

Allergymarketing plan for health care clinic

“Very informative for marketing a practice. A lot of new information with extensive help.” – Sonnel Patrick, MD

“Very organized way of presenting the importance of marketing in medicine.” – Yasmin Bhasin, MD

“Eye opening about how marketing can help analyze areas of improvement in my practice, as well as grow my practice.” – Birjis Chinoy, MD

“It’s a lifetime opportunity to have such professionalism in putting together a marketing program that delivers results. I highly recommend Practice Builders!” – E.K., MD

“Quick education on how to market. Basic concepts taught clearly.” – H.F., MD

Audiologist Audiologist Marketing Ideas

“We came away with a much better idea of how to grow & sustain our business long term, not just how to get through next week. We also came away with a unique, well rounded, marketing plan tailored to our specific needs & business.” – Dr. Brad Baldwin

“Information was timely and relevant to my practice objectives. Very informative. Information I can immediately use as swell as plan for future use through PBO services.”- Tami Ike, MD

“Provides a comprehensive in depth discussion of marketing. Cell components of marketing are discussed, from traditional to innovative electronic marketing.” –Robin Andrews, MD

Cardiology effective marketing strategies for healthcare

“We highly recommend Practice Builders. When we met them, our referrals were declining and our staff was not functioning as a team. We knew we needed to expand our referral base and had heard that Practice Builders was a great resource for this. Our workshop experience was terrific and our agency experience was excellent. The end result? Beautiful and professionally branded marketing materials, a cohesive staff who now improves our patient experience daily, a 30% increase in referrals and finally, staff and physicians who are happier and more satisfied with their working environment.” – M.P., Pacific Heart & Vascular Medical Group

“Since Practice Builders began strategically marketing my practice for me, my revenue is up 20% and my referrals have increased 25%. Recently I’ve added another physician to my practice to help keep up with my growing caseload.” – Daren S. Primack, MD

“The [Workshop] information about the Internet and website is especially helpful and certainly a “call to action”. ” – Gregory Uhl, MD

“A must do – not optional, imperative for growth.” – Jeffrey Howard, MD

“I have gone from a single 2,000-square-foot office to an 8,000-square-foot facility with my own EKG machine, complete cardiovascular lab and a full catheterization facility. I am now able to practice medicine on my terms, in the way I’ve always wanted to practice.” – N. P., MD

“An excellent overview of marketing with incredible insight to details about advertising.” – R. F., MD

ChiropracticChiropractic Marketing Ideas

“Attend the seminar to learn the importance of marketing your practice on an on-going basis in a professional, strategic manner.” – T.M., DC

“Practice Builders will “Cut to the chase” when it comes to getting your practice on the fast track to success. It gets you the marketing that maximizes patient response.” – A.F., DC

“Excellent seminar that gives you invaluable information that you can begin to apply immediately in your office. This seminar helps you deal with the “How, When, Why & Wheres” of advertising and marketing.” – K.M., DC

“Every practitioner needs a plan and this workshop breaks down your practice to discern the best marketing strategies for your practice.” – N.A.D., DC

“Very personal, very informative. They get to know what’s actually going on in your area so as to pinpoint what will work for you as an individual.” – P.N.G., DC

“Practice Builders has the knack of really understanding what works and what doesn’t in a variety of specialties. I relied on their expertise and deep understanding of my specific market. In fact, I sold the practice over the summer to three of the doctors in the practice.” – S L., DC

“The Workshop offers a powerful arena approach in fine-tuning your practice future for success.” – N.A., DC

“If you want direction to guide your “ship” these guys are the mapmakers!” – A.F., DC
“You are a specialist in healthcare. These individuals are specialists in marketing. Go to the experts for advice.” – J. L., BS, DC

“Very informative, customized to your specific type of practice. Actionable information- you can implement many of the ideas on Monday morning.”- Terry Golden, DC

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Marketing Plans

“Very informative. Especially for a practice that has never advertised. This is necessary information for any practice owner today.” – Barry Goldenberg, MD

“In less than a year, I’ve moved to another office because the other one is too small. I’ve also opened a satellite office. That’s how well I’m doing now. Thank you, Practice Builders.” – N.G., MD

“Lots of marketing information, including some ‘pearls of wisdom.’ Tons of great information.” – D.H., MD

“Very informative, with great potential to help a practice grow.” – D.Y., MD

“I have attended several other marketing seminars; this one has been the best by far because it makes good common sense and is do-able.” – D.P., MD

“Excellent and informative.” – J.K., DO

“Time and money well spent. The only thing you will regret is how you spent all your money before the conference.” – J.G., MD

“Very clear understanding of the science and art of marketing.” – C.P., MD

“The workshop has a great deal of useful information about marketing. It should increase my gross revenues.” – A.C.S., MD

“Go – success should follow. I wished I had these guys in my office propelling me to do these things I learned – I’m sure that they will work!” – R.S., MD

“You’ve got to be there to experience it for yourself.” – F.H., MD

“The Workshop taught me a lot and showed me where and why I failed in the past. Practice Builders has an excellent program to launch you in the right direction.” – G.M., MD

“You must attend to compete.” – D.C., MD

“When I went to Practice Builders, I went there with a little bit of skepticism. I wasn’t sure the ads would work that well. I had tried my own 4 or 5 years before that in my own way, based upon whatever someone told me to try. It was more of an expense issue rather than ROI. Then I received one of Practice Builders’ brochures and thought I’d go to the workshop. At the last minute, I was having second thoughts that, oh, this is going to be another waste of time. I had called in to cancel, and somehow my Marketing Consultant convinced me to give it a chance. So I went, and after I had a complete 180-degree turn on attitude toward marketing. I think I learned all the tricks now. I got the basics. I learned how to do an advertisement. How to seek a return on investment rather than just advertise and sit back. How to handle the patients when they come in from the ad. Make myself more sellable. That’s what it helped me do.” – V.R., MD

“Many things needed to be improved that I wondered how I could do it all. I also wondered how I could justify the expense. I had to wait 6 months to implement everything, so that was a bit nerve-wracking as well. But I noticed changes immediately. We had far more patients coming in. My office just couldn’t keep up. Nowadays, for some reason, we have twice as many patients and surgeries as we did back then.” – J.S., MD

“Excellent strategies for increasing your profit ethically. Generates new enthusiasm. I have learned new ways to say “different” things with a comfort level.” – J.B., MD

“I feel like I earned an MBA degree in medical practice marketing during this workshop. You’ll learn about your potential use of external and internal marketing techniques. You’ll learn about ethical ways to promote yourself.” – P.P., MD

“Good, condensed workshop covering the issues medical practices need to stay relevant.”- Louis DeJoseph, MD

Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing Ideas

We were impressed by the attention given to our practice during the workshop. Our marketing consultant developed a strategic plan that revealed our practice’s weaknesses and opportunities, showing us solid paths toward improvements. If you’re thinking of working with Practice Builders, I highly encourage you to do so. You’ll realize that marketing your practice need not be overwhelming – with a solid plan and the support of the team at Practice Builders.- Dr. Ramin Tabibzadeh, DDS and Dr. Elisa Mello, DDS – New York City Smile Design

“Very helpful and informative. Instilled confidence that services offered by Practice Builders work, with integrity and results.” – Ronald Sinanian, DDS

“This workshop is very comprehensive in increasing a practitioners understanding of marketing methods and needs.” – Asim Zaidi, DDS

“Excellent opportunity to avoid all of the mistakes and pitfalls that can be made in marketing.” – W.S.M., DMD

DentistryDentistry Marketing Plans

“Before Practice Builders, I had an ineffective Internet presence and was experiencing a huge decrease in new patients, along with an income decline. With Practice Builders’ assistance, I am thrilled to report that my new patient numbers have increased by 50%, with gross production up to 20% this year alone. Thanks to their trainer’s guidance, my team is fully committed to the practice’s success. I am enjoying dentistry again and look forward to continued improvement and success.” – James M. Austin, DDS, PS – Dr. James Austin & Associates

“Practice Builders has shown me that believing and investing in myself and using proper marketing practices has resulted in a better ROI than any other investment I could have made. I believe it’s the best investment you can make for your future and the health of your practice.” – Joseph DiFazio, DMD – General Prosthodontics and Maxillofacial Prosthetics

“Very informative and very thorough.” – Dennis Jastrzebski, DMD

“Turn-key company, hopefully will allow the Dr. to not have to worry about marketing.” – John R Huriega, DDS

“This workshop far exceeded all of my expectations. I was impressed not only with the high quality of the content but in the amount of prep that Rich did regarding my practice. Rich knocked it out of the ballpark! Friendly, extremely knowledgeable, the consummate professional.” – Julio A Rodriguez, DDS

“Practice Builders has shown me that believing and investing in myself and using proper marketing practices has resulted in a better ROI than any other investment I could have made. I believe it’s the best investment you can make for your future and the health of your practice.” – Joseph DiFazio, DMD (General Prosthodontics and Maxillofacial Prosthetics
West Long Branch, New Jersey)

“My practice has grown about 30% because of Practice Builders. I got so many compliments on the branding materials they did. Some people who never referred to me are now referring. I’m very satisfied.” – Catherine Bishop, DDS

“The results? In the year after I began my partnership with Practice Builders, my revenue has risen 20%. My practice is so busy now, I even have to refer some patients elsewhere. Not only that, many people have told me how much they like my marketing.” – Howard Babushkin, DDS

“Working with Practice Builders has given us confidence in our future. The entire dental community is very impressed with our new branded collateral and the training and support have encouraged and motivated our entire team.” – Scott T. McPherson

“Through the help and expertise of Practice Builders, I now have a very powerful and successful marketing plan. In fact, in just the three months since we launched our marketing, we’ve increased our gross production by $100,000.”” – Jeffrey A. Bassin, DMD

“The number of new patients in my office since marketing with Practice Builders has increased 15-20% per year. What really helped increase that was the personal training that was given to me and my staff. Additionally, the new patient call conversion rate is almost 100% now. I can attribute that to the package marketing materials designed and printed by Practice Builders that we send to every new patient who calls in. The package is informative, motivating and attractice, and we constantly get compliments on its completeness and professionalism. ” – Larry Burt, DMD

“[My Marketing Consultant] Rich had a thorough and deep understanding of all subject manner. [It was] a very well organized and presented seminar.” – Robert Adami, DDS

“Very informative with a very soft sell approach to the services you provide.” – David Welmerink, DDS

“I believe Practice Builders is solid…backed by a highly competent staff.” – Alan Friedler, DMD, PM

“Oh my!! What an eye opener!! Was I wrong about marketing. This seminar will change the way we work – we will work much more efficiently & not harder. If you want to invest & learn in your practice this is the place to be.” – Deanna Gross, DMD

“The workshop discussed marketing with a healthcare perspective. It gave new directions for branding & marketing that I had not considered.” – Robert Schneider, DDS

“Very informative to begin a marketing campaign. It got me thinking about problems & solutions with marketing & plan implementation with respect to the healthcare industry.” – Vincent Sotero, DDS

“I would recommend, as this is my second session with Practice Builders.” – James Lassiter, DDS

“Practice Builders seemed to be well organized, with realistic strategies to market a business.” – Raynard Ryan, DDS

“The Practice Builders program was well designed and very effective in providing analysis of and strategies for marketing practice of varied health professionals. Specifically the analysis and selection of strategies for my corporate practice was outstanding.” – R.T., DDS

“This Workshop is the only one that I’ve ever attended that gives you the chance to implement the subject presented. The analysis in groups and the take-home plan are well worth the value.” – T.P., DDS

“Today my one-office, one-practitioner practice has grown to a six-office practice with four partners and four associates, grossing over $10 million a year.” – S.B., DDS

“Today, I have a multimillion-dollar practice that virtually runs itself, leaving me to practice the dentistry I love and still have a life of my own.” – D.C., DDS

“Very dynamic, informative speaker; very practical approach to achieve success.” – R.I., DDS

“Do it – you must have their kind of professional help.” – T.P., DDS

“It’s worth it! Even if you do not want to establish a marketing plan to implement. Is very informative, you will learn. It is like going to college to take a marketing class.” – M.J.C., DDS

“Very informative and a call to action.” – J.B., DDS

“We attended Practice Builders’ Workshop before we opened our office. We had no advertising knowledge. We were taking cash advances on our credit cards to do this stuff. You can’t start cooking without having a recipe. PB really was the recipe we followed.” – A.K., DDS

“It’s a great place to start if you are thinking about turning your practice around.” – Y.M., DDS

“Very informative, but you must be ready to make a commitment to change.” – B.R.F., DDS

“This workshop helped me develop a plan that I am comfortable with. I know I can implement and maintain it and reach the goal of increasing my practice.” – R.S., DMD

“It was an excellent workshop which guides you through a well laid out, personalized plan for your practice.” – V.B., DMD

“Must come to really achieve success!” – F.M., DMD

“Do it. The workshop will give you direction.” – J.M., DDS

“It would be the smartest thing you could do. I was extremely impressed.” – R.H., DMD

“I would recommend without hesitation.” – J.A., DDS

“Very interactive, condensed marketing degree into one weekend. Logical and very strategic.” – R.T., DDS

“It will reveal viable ideas which will enhance production and professional image. The consultant really sits down with the members of the practice to attain the weak and strong points. Emphasis is on expanding on strong points and deleting weak points.” – J.P., DDS

“If you want to grow your practice in a competitive environment, this information is critical to meeting that goal.” – J.B., DDS

“If you have the vision but need the direction call Practice Builders. Motivational and inspiring!” – B.O., DDS

“This workshop gave me some innovative ideas and direction for my marketing plan. As a new proprietor, I was overwhelmed by the vast amount of advertising mediums available to me and unsure of how to start.” – A.P., DMD

“The experience was eye opening. Practice Builders knows what they are doing.” – S.D., DDS

“Practice Builders was an excellent source of knowledge.” – S.T., wife of J.T., DDS

“It’s a must do. I received pearl after pearl of helpful information and now have a great plan.” – D.B., DDS

“Too much of what we do is specialized. You can’t be an expert in everything. Let the pros do what they do best.” – W.J., DDS

“The most important feature of that whole workshop was an introduction that one of the Marketing Consultants gave where he did something that I would call retrospective analysis. Maybe I’d done it before, but I don’t know that I’d ever been serious about it. It moved me. I mean, it made me decide that if this guy can do that to me, then he’s going make me a half a million dollars. So I went home that night, and on a laptop, I put down a business plan for 2 years. In 8 months, I had accomplished those goals.” – P.M., DDS

“It was well worth time and money spent. Very informative and helpful.” – R.Y., DDS

“Practice Builders is professional, educational and I love that they customized our program.” – T.L.B., DDS

“They can provide a good plan to work with your budget. Whether you are just starting out or established, they seem as if they can work with you. Comforting to know they will ‘hold your hand’ through out the process. My eyes are open to the complexities, benefits, and realities of a comprehensive marketing plan.”- Elochukwu Adibe, DMD

“Clear, concise, succinct! Takes all the guess work out of marketing. In 2 days, I have attained a solid marketing plan covering all of my prospects’ demographics.”- Louis Traci, DDS

“Workshop gives excellent information on forming a marketing plan and provides parameters for evaluating what is good or not when speaking with ad companies, etc. Also gave “pearls” that can be used for economic marketing.”- Brenda Howard, DMD

“Before Practice Builders, I had an ineffective Internet presence and was experiencing a huge decrease in new patients, along with an income decline. With Practice Builders’ assistance, I am thrilled to report that my new patient numbers have increased by 50%, with gross production up 20% this year alone. Thanks to their trainer’s guidance, my team is fully committed to the practice’s success. I am enjoying dentistry again and look forward to continued improvement and success.” James M. Austin, DDS, PS, Dr. James Austin & Associates

Dermatology Dermatology Marketing strategies

“You will be glad you did. You will feel empowered knowing that professionals are behind you.” – D.O., MBA, MPH

EndodonticsEndodontics Marketing strategies

“I really love the work all of you have done, I can’t thank you enough for helping us, and me in particular. You’ve all given me a huge boost of confidence. You are Practice Builders, aka Confidence Builders! Thanks.” – Kate Lacoste Surprenant, DMD

“Outstanding seminar – Gary nailed it! Very valuable information – can’t wait to start. This is the best marketing seminar I’ve ever taken. It got to the heart of our needs. Very valuable information applicable for today’s challenges.” – Kevin Less, DDS

“This is a great place to find out just what you don’t know. What you don’t know really can hold you back. I was so gald to see what I really need to work on & to have the opportunity to change it!!” – Carla Webb, DMD

“Excellent source of marketing specific to healthcare providers. Rich is a dynamic, knowledgeable, personable seminar/ workshop consultant.” – Alen Sedell, DDS

Family / General Practice – Medical Family Practice Marketing Tips

“The best workshop to attend for busy physicians to market about themselves and their practice.”- Mallika Kamana, MD

“The workshop greatly enlightened me on marketing ideas & techniques that I never thought of. It provided me the comfort to realize I was not alone in my ignorance & that there were solutions to help.” – Donald Dilworth, MD, PA

“Want to grow? – Then GO!” – C.T., MD

“We’ve been booked solid for months since we implemented our Practice Builder marketing program and materials. The quality of information, and the beautiful art and copy, tied together the materials we needed to let people know about us.” – M.C., MD

“I learned a huge amount about what marketing is – Found that I had a lot of misconceptions about how practices can be made or broken.” – S.T., MD

“It is worth your time and money! Will provide and excellent overview of practice marketing and internal management. You then can decide what areas are your greatest needs.”- Bernard Depaul, MD

“This was the most informative conference I have attended on practice marketing strategy. From nuts and bolts to specific ideas, it was eye opening and comprehensive. I am stoked!”- Fred Harvey, MD

Gastroenterology Gastroenterology Medical Marketing

“I would, without reservation, recommend attending the workshop. I am happy that I was referred by a colleague.” – Kevan Marks, MD

“Practice Builders has an excellent team which can help your practice buildup referrals in a professional manner.” – D.M.T., MD

General Surgery General Surgery Marketing Ideas

“Practice Builders helped me to brand my practice in t he two areas of surgery that I enjoy most – anti-reflux and bariatric surgery. Using my website and the marketing techniques provided, I have expanded my market over a larger area.” – Clifford P. Black, Jr., MD – Anniston General Surgery Center

“Well worth it. It took many of the questions out of marketing.” – Tom Ashton, MD

“Was very enlightening, I will never look at an ad the same way. This course added a new dimension to patient care.” – Lee Yates, MD

“I was new in town, and Practice Builders really helped me get my name out. Doctors can refer to me more easily because they know what I’m doing.” – M.L., MD

“I went to Practice Builders’ Workshop. I kept my mind open. And I got a 9 to 1 return on my investment. What can I say? Thank you Practice Builders.” – D.M., MD

“We’ve been using the materials that Practice Builders created for us for about a year. Our practice is now more focused on doing more of the cases I want to do and less of the stuff I don’t want to do.” – A.M., MD

“Excellent and beneficial in a way that everyone can use.” – M.K., MD

“Very insightful strategies to produce brand/name recognition so patients will choose your practice over a competitor (for the right reasons).” – K.B., MD

“The Workshop gave me a new way of evaluating what I had been doing and not doing.” – A.D., MD

“This seminar would be useful for one who wants to increase their business or change the type of business they are bringing in.” – A.W., MD

“It is very good. It is worth the time and expense. The small groups make it very personal.” – A.B., MD

Hearing Care Hearing Care Marketing Plans

“Almost immediately, we saw 15% revenue growth, and this year we’re on target for a lot more.”” – Pamela S. Benbow, MA, CCC-A

“If you are ready to address your marketing needs, Practice Builders will show how in very specific, useful ways. You’ll be ready to apply their methods Monday morning.” – M.J.G., Audiologist

“I would recommend it as a great tool for establishing an appropriate marketing plan.” – R.P., HIS

“If you want to maximize the advertising/marketing of your practice, spend the time and money and visit the Practice Builders workshop. If you are going to spend time and money trying to take your practice to another level seek professional advice.” – L.H., Audiologist

“Workshop helps rediscover the value you bring to your patients.” – K.N., Audiologist

“The workshop gave excellent marketing strategies customized not only for each individual profession, but customized for each individual practice in attendance, according to their budgets. I value having someone available to critique my present advertising materials and offer suggestions which have proven effective in growing a practice.” – S.A.H., Audiologist

“The Practice Builders conference was informative, insightful, intensive, and exciting. I am leaving the conference elated and pumped about my practice. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of my staff and implement our new marketing plan.” – C.S., Audiologist

“Well worth the investment and really covered areas of business I had no clue on.” – B.C., Audi

“You will get an excellent analysis of your business – what is working, what apparently is not working – and how you can repair or do it better.” – M.H., Ph.D

Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Practice Marketing

“My associate and I had launched a new practice model, requiring branding and unique marketing materials that would differentiate us in the market. We were introduced to Practice Builders to assist and just a few months later, I am extremely pleased with the end result of the branding, stationary, business cards, brochures and inserts, as well as the website they created. Everyone at Practice Builders was professional, insightful, creative and able to incorporate my specific needs and direction for the project.” – Edward Goldberg, MD – Goldberg & Yadegar

“When we met Practice Builders, our marketing efforts were not leading to success. But now, we have more word-of-mouth referrals and more exposure through our ‘friends on the Internet’. We have added more to our patient base through social media efforts, all thanks to our relationship with Practice Builders.” – Fadi E. Saba, MD and Cosette Saba, RN – Indulgence Medical Day Spa

“Practice Builders says what we were needing to hear. I thank you. You mentioned the issues I needed solutions for.” – Dr. Daniel Nuchovich

“Precise, goal directed.” – O.L., MD

“Very useful, informative, definitely will add to your Practice Revenues.” – C.A., MD

Neurology Marketing Ideas for Neurology

“Really had very impressive experience. Very educational and up to date information I feel will be very useful if implemented in practice.” – Anita Gottipati, MD

“Excellent information. Practical recommendations will get you looking at your practice from a new perspective.” – Claire Tibiletti, MD

“Remaining an independent physician practice in the changing landscape of modern healthcare is becoming more difficult every day. Practice Builders has helped us use all tools available to reposition, reinvent, and revitalize our referral base and our practice.” – Stanya Smith, MD and Darryl Prince, MD Neurological Associates

“Practice Builders does just what the name implies – the size of our practice has increased dramatically. Our new physician has a full schedule, our customer service has improved and we have fewer patient complaints.” – Bret C. Lewis, MD and E.J. Aspuru, MD Neurological AssociatesSachin

Obstetrics / Gynecology Obstetrics Marketing strategies

“Comprehensive overview of marketing with good “Monday morning” plan on how to implement and achieve goals.” –Areej Salem, MD

“Since we teamed up with Practice Builders 2 years ago, our collections have increased 40% and we have happy, satisfied patients. It has been a very worthwhile investment.” – Zena Levine, MD, FACOG

“The astonishing results: my partnership with Practice Builders has helped increase my revenue 65%. And equally important, I now do the kinds of cases I really want – minimally invasive surgery and new treatments for dysfunctional bleeding, for example.” – D. Matt McDanald, MD, FACOG

“We now have all the nuts & bolts in place. Our material is better than any other practice in Las Vegas – we are very happy.” – Brian Iriye, MD

“Practical, useful, eye-opening.” – Steven Rabin, MD

“Very educational regarding the Business side of medicine, marketing & “how too.”” – Peter Khamuongsa, MD

“I would definitely recommend this to my peers.” – Orlandis Wells, MD

“There are so many things we don’t know about bringing patients in and keeping them. Marketing is so multifaceted that you owe it to yourself to become educated.” – M.A., MD

“Go to the workshop.” – S.S., MD

“The workshop is very educational and motivational.” – R.H., MD

“Workshop provides valuable information and teaches effective marketing strategies.” – A.V., MD

“Very insightful. Very motivational.” – P.A., MD

“I got my money’s worth and learned a lot of useful and valuable information.” – T.B., MD

“Very helpful, hands-on nuts and bolts seminar.” – R.G., MD

“The workshop is very enlightening and has helped me tremendously in understanding some of the short comings of my practice.” – C.C., MD

“If you want to grow your practice, if you want to survive in a managed care world, you need this approach.” – B.J., MD

“Very informative, prepare to be impressed.” – S.T.M., MD

“All the things that you think you know about running a medical practice are probably not helping you grow.” – B.T.W., MD

Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Marketing strategies

“The results have far exceeded my expectations: Cataract surgeries have steadily rebounded. Thanks to my new marketing efforts, some patients were delighted to find out that I treat diabetes-related problems – a service they never knew I offered.” – Lawerence Bloom, MD, FACS

“You take home information that is very personal to the specific needs of your practice, plus the knowledge to make it work.” – I.E., MD

“I wish I had been introduced to Practice Builders when I started my practice. I probably wouldn’t have wasted as much money on practice development yet would have had a bigger practice by now.” – M.J.C., MD

“You’ve got to go to this workshop if you want to make it big.” – A.J.D., MD

“The plan they develop for you should significantly improve your income by effective marketing.” – R.G., MD

“Yes. You need to market, and professionals to do the job.” – B.L., MD

Optometry Marketing Plans for Optometry

“Extremely valuable information targeted specifically to health care. Clear, concise, thought provoking. Very useful in developing marketing strategy.” – Tara Parnell, OD

“The workshop should be very beneficial to any practice. I now have a plan of action for next years’ advertising/marketing program. As I incorporate the plan, my practice will grow.” – B.W., OD

“It gives you confidence that you are doing things right, rather than guessing on how to spend a significant amount of money and whether it will be effective or not.” – P.F., OD

“The workshop is very great. It helps you organize the way to bring your practice to success.” – S.T., Opt.

“It is the first time I have felt I have what I need, and the resource to accomplish my goals. I feel much less confused and anxious about my future. Thanks for your help and expertise.” – M.D., OD

“It was a great motivator, it helped me to gain confidence in what we were trying to accomplish. It helped me feel confident about the future.” – B.B., OD

OrthodonticsMarketing Plans for Orthodontics

“Practice Builders created a professional, consistent image for my practice that reflected its unique character and helped increase practice growth 16.1% the first year I used their material and advice. And since that time, we’ve now doubled our revenues!” – Grace Kerr, DMD – Grace Kerr Orthodontics

“When I met with my Practice Builders consultant, my goal was to take my high performing practice to the next level. I am pleased with the improved clarity in the messaging now being projected, better promotional material, and an appreciation for the mix and effect of external marketing. Getting an average practice to a higher level relatively easy, improving an already top office to a higher level is more difficult. Practice Builders did that for me.” – John C. White, DDS, MSD – Braces By White

“I hired Practice Builders to enhance my online presence and they have done a terrific job with revamping my old website and getting just the right look for our practice. Their social media package has been really cutting edge, with FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others all working to get us new patients. I always recommend Practice Builders to anyone who asks!” – Michael Margolis, DDS, Phd

“Extremely valuable information targeted specifically to health care. Clear, concise, thought provoking. Very useful in developing ma”Working with Practice Builders has given us confidence in our future. The entire dental community is very impressed with our new branded collateral and the training and support have encouraged and motivated our entire team.” – Scott T. McPherson, DDS “Through the help and expertise of Practice Builders, I now have a very powerful and successful marketing plan. In fact, in just the three months since we launched our marketing, we’ve increased our gross production by $100,000.” – Jeffrey A. Bassin, DMD “Thank you for all the great ideas and giving us a direction to move our practice forward.” – Michael Hayward, DDS “I would say that not only was the information invaluable but also the services provided to implement the plan by Practice Builders is equally invaluable.” – Brian Dubin, DMD “When I met with my Practice Builders consultant, my goal was to take my high performing practice to the next level. I am pleased with the improved clarity in the messaging now being projected, better promotional materials, and an appreciation for the mix and effect of external marketing. Getting an average practice to a higher level is relatively easy, improving an already top office to a higher level is more difficult. Practice Builders did that for me.”- John C. White, DDS, MSD, Braces By White

“Very comprehensive marketing strategies with specific, focused, custom recommendations. Several “AHA” moments and lots of action items to implement immediately”- Kimberly Beal, DMD

Orthopedic Orthopedic Marketing Plans

“I am very pleased with Practice Builders. I am finding that the messaging on my website and social media are bringing me patients who are confident in our abilities and more comfortable with our recommendations. We are also seeing growth from the internal marketing strategies, branding and training form of patient referrals.” – Stephen Ozanne, MD – Cedar Hill Spine

“Jonathan Vidal is very informative & will be very helpful to my practice. I learned a great deal about my practice & the day to day operations which I never considered.” – Jeffrey Rich, DO, PA

“Very informative course.” – S.S., MD

“You must know your practice to make the workshop most effective. It can be very effective.” – S.M., MD

Otolaryngology/Facial PlasticFacial Plastic Marketing Ideas

“The marketing materials you made for me are phenomenal, and so many patients say the design and layout is beautiful. I’m proud to give them out. Plus, I’ve pulled in $5,000 in new business in just the first three weeks. I’m very, very happy.” – Carl A. Mazzara, MD

“My partnership with Practice Builders has certainly helped me make progress in building my dream practice.” – Eric M. Joseph, MD

“Great – You will understand what marketing & branding can do for you.” – William Mason, MD, PC

“A lot of information – but worthwhile. These are things we don’t know about & don’t do.” – William Mason, MD, PC

“This is a very worthwhile workshop.” – Kalpana De Pasquale, DO

“I’ve never seen an organization that is more on target than Practice Builders.” – D.B., MD

“Very, very valuable!” – G.K., MD
“More than worth the time.” – D.B., MD

“Unless your practice is perfect, and I suggest you don’t really know, you should attend this course.” – R.R., MD

“You’ll be surprise about what you thought you knew!” – R.W., DO

“Excellent.” – L.D., MD

Pain Management Pain Management

“Gives a really good picture, particularly for a novice, of how to [communicate] what you stand for and how to project that image in many ways.” – E. Eversull, MD

“The seminar was a well organized and enjoyable presentation of a wealth of valuable information on building a practice. I would highly recommend [the workshop] to anyone in private practice.” – Jean Santo, MD

“Excellent, comprehensive overview of marketing strategies and solutions.” – Gary Kaplan, DO

“This workshop was very helpful for me. I am very excited about everything I learned this weekend. I really appreciated the one on one group session time. Very professional!” – Deborah Castillo, PT

“A very worthwhile investment in time.” – Jules Preudhomme, MD

“Rich is excellent! Fantastic resource for building your practice. Most valuable! Time and money investment in this course will provide excellent return on your investment. Highly recommended.”- Blaine Cameron, MD

PeriodontalPeriodontal Practice Marketing

“Very useful to our business in a great location.” – Steven Saunders, DDS

“My practice has grown about 30% because of Practice Builders.I got so many compliments on the branding materials they did. Some people who never referred to me are now referring. I’m very satisfied.” – Catherine Bishop, DDS

“I learned more marketing methods, concepts, & techniques than any other seminar. We were given specific tools to begin using in our office immediately.” – Lisa Master, DDS

“Go to this Program! But I would not tell a competitor.” – J.M., DMD

“This introduction was great. Very informative. I am glad I came. It was very detailed on marketing tools and techniques.” Ana Madera Cozad, DDS

“When I met Practice Builders, I realized my practice was not being noticed online and worse, not drawing enough new patients online. Now, I am happy to report that my Practice Builders team has helped me increase positive online reviews through myPracticeReputation, as well as to increase my new patients through a great new online presence.” – T. Merrell Williams, DMD, MS

Physiatry Marketing Ideas for Physiatry

“Helped to give me a variety of new ideas & perspectives on how to market & grow my practice. Excellent workshop.” – Keith Rafal, MD

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy Marketing Plans

“I wanted to tell you that the promotion I have going for July is really increasing my client case load! I sent out postcards to 40 current and past TRAGER clients announcing that sessions were 1/2 off in July. I have re-activated three clients and have three new clients scheduled! I even managed to get my first ‘asked for’ referral from a new physician. I’m feeling energized and hopeful!” – Mary Openlander, PT

“The stunning results: My practice has grown from 3 locations to 7, and we opened a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art health club and physical therapy facility. One unexpected benefit: Staff recruitment is much easier. Our new Web presence has helped us get our message out and attract top applicants for staff positions.” – Mat Dewing, MSPT, ATC

“Recently, after years of growth, I noticed my patient count dropping off… One year after Practice Builders created and helped me implement my Marketing Plan, I am happy to report a 33% increase in patient visits and a 60% increase in net receipts. This couldn’t have happened without Practice Builders!” – Lauris Rigdon, PT

“Concrete suggestions, professional. You folks have done the work for me regarding marketing successfully without trial and error. I don’t have to do the “error” part anymore.” – Kate Cardamon, PT

“The workshop helped prioritize what areas of marketing from referrals to print ads to focus on. It helped to develop a structured marketing plan.” – Michael Kenton, PT

“This workshop was very comprehensive and informative. We’re implementing the marketing skills we learned, and have seen an increase in our referrals already.” – Benjamin Keene, PT, OCS, FAAOMPT

“It was a consolidation of several top marketing books in an easy to understand package.” – Bill Jones, PT

“Provided us with information & motivation to make some necessary changes.” – Grant Schramm

“The workshop provides realistic & time proven ideas. I feel this course addresses my need for a focused & cost effective plan for marketing my practice.” – Richard Victory, PT

“Thorough marketing information with a definite plan to start implementing right away.” – Karyn Staples, PT

“I have been honored in surrounding myself with fantastic people. Thank you Practice Builders for bringing excellence to my practice.” – M.S., PT

“Since I attended the Workshop, we increased our space, opened a wellness center, added another 1,000 square feet and I hired another therapist. Practice Builders has been a real blessing in my life.” – P.B., PT

“Since we first got together with Practice Builders in 1996, we’ve seen a 253% growth in the practice.” – M.B., PT, MOMT, OCS

“Good practice building strategies were discussed to develop and increase your practice image.” – D.E., PT

“The most valuable business seminar I’ve ever attended. An absolute necessity if you’d like to market your services.” – P.T., PT

“Very effective leaders.” – C.M., PT

“I would highly recommend the workshop to solidify what you are doing correctly, and to improve referrals, the image of your practice.” – C.G., PT

“A tough subject put in a very simple manner. Excellent!” – M.I., PT

“If you were in my area, I would tell you nothing. If you were in a different field or geographic area, I would tell you to go if you want to grow.” – M.S., PT

“The money you spend for the Workshop will more than pay for itself in the patients you gain through more effective advertising.” – C.E., MPT

“The course was very informative. My Group Leader did a good job of presenting the information in a clear and precise manner. The program introduces important strategies that are very important to the success of your business, and the strategies are easy to implement.” – B.L., PT

“If you are committed to making a positive change in your life and practice – you need to be there.” – C.C.D., PT

“Good information able to utilize in practice. Worth the time and money.” – K.G., PT

“It was the best thing to happen to me. The Workshop gave me guidance and a path to follow to be successful.” – A.S., MD

Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery Marketing Solutions

“Teaming up with Practice Builders doubled my revenue in a year and a half. One unexpected advantage: I feel more comfortable talking to my staff. We now track every single call coming into my office (I learned how important this is at the Workshop) so we know exactly which of our marketing efforts are working the best. And my staff now feels a sense of direction in my practice that they didn’t feel in other doctors’ offices. It’s more fun for all of us to come to work. ” – Christopher Hove, MD

“I wish I had taken it years ago.” – Martha Wilson, MD

“Mandatory for developing practice growth strategies, key to success.” – William Macklin, MD

“My practice revenues have increased by 55%, and each month continues to be better than the last.” – J.S., MD Plastic Surgeon

PodiatryPodiatry Marketing Tips

“Learned about simple straight forward [marketing]. Proven techniques for marketing that won’t make me feel like a “used car salesman”.” – Tom Rizzo, DPM

“I would highly recommend this workshop for the following reasons, it was highly informative very well presented and all the objectives were made very clear.” – William Goldman, DPM

“Practice Builders was very informative and an eye opener. We will benefit from attending the workshop.” – Robert Graser, DPM

“The Workshop taught me more than I ever knew about how to effectively market my practice. Now I can see everything I was doing wrong.” – E.H.

“Excellent, informative practice strategies with a good comprehensive organized approach to marketing.” – M.A.R., DPM

“ It was very informative and eye opening, as far as how many things are out there that can damage your practice and how many tings are there that are available to you to improve everything about your office/website. It was very helpful!”- Dina Tsentserensky, MD

PsychologyPsychology Marketing Tips

“I had never marketed my practice at all and was completely clueless as to where to start. The idea of marketing was intimidating. After working with Practice Builders, I now have 11 employees. My practice has grown 1100 % – literally. I’ve gone from a solo practitioner of Psychology to owning a medical and mental health practice in less than 2 years! I now own the practice of my dreams thanks in large part to PB. Creating my personal and professional brand has been central to the success of the practice. From the initial workshop through the maintenance of our website and social media, PB has been with us every step of the way toward achieving our goals. We consistently receive feedback from clients, patients and other businesses as to how impressive our marketing materials are and how effective our marketing strategies are. Practice Builders is one of the best business decisions I’ve made in my career”- Aimee Harris-Newon, Psy. D.

RadiologyRadiology Marketing Ideas

“Before Practice Builders, we used only undisciplined marketing plans without clear focus on who we were or what distinguished us from the competition. Thanks to Practice Builders, we were rebranded with an improved logo, polished marketing materials which delineated our practice with services/philosophies, and a better method of tracking results from each marketer.

“We found Practice Builders provided an effective way to initiate a successful marketing plan with very professional marketing packets which separated us from the competition and improved our already good reputation in our markets. Their contact person was knowledgeable, courteous, and a great liaison between our company and Practice Builders’ personnel in developing all that we needed by us.” – Patrick D. Lester, MD, FACR – Servant Medical Imaging

“Best, results-oriented, action packed, fun, thought provoking Workshop I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to lots!” – J.H., MD


“In the years since taking the Workshop, my revenue has shot from $500,000 to over $6.5 million per year – a twelvefold increase.” – Kevin Asp, CRT, RPSGT

UrologyUrology Practice Marketing

“Practice Builders helped me build a $1,000,000 practice with cash-paying and high-reimbursement patients. Attending their Strategic Marketing Workshop was the best investment I’ve made in 20 years. It was not only incredibly informative, but they developed a step-by-step marketing plan for me to follow. And on top of all of it, my marketing efforts actually enhanced my reputation by raising awareness about my services and experience. My growth started with Practice Builders’ Workshop, and yours can too.” – D.M., MD, Urologist

“Time well spent. Helped solidify a game plan for marketing, especially internally, and as a bonus, externally.” – A.W.M., MD

“You basically get what you pay for but be ready to consider making a big commitment, come psychologically prepared.” – S.O., MD

VeterinaryMarketing Strategies for Veterinary

“A must if interested in marketing and online reputation!” – Dennis Sepulveda, DVM

“Worthwhile to spend the time and will get results if followed through.” – M.F., DVM

“Taught me basic skills I never learned (but should have!) in school.” – L.G., DVM

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