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Minimize Cost With eBrochures for Your Medical, Dental or Healthcare Practice

Take your marketing to the next level with this cutting-edge marketing tool.

You can email it, post it as a link on your website and distribute it to virtually anyone without special software or a special reader.

The new e-brochure is a standalone product that can be linked via a custom web button to your web site (it opens in a new browser window). It incorporates fast loading, secure, rich-media combinations of imagery, text, links and graphics, all in a user friendly, printable, easily-modifiable multi-page format.

E-brochures are fast and easy to look at — they load and are viewable within 6 to 10 seconds. E-mail your brochure instantly in an attractive format. Provide it as a giveaway on CD or DVD-ROM. Or download it off your practice website.

Dramatically reduce your expenses. You’ll save on printing costs and shipping expenses by sending digital brochures via e-mail or posting on website. Your existing brochure or web collateral can be converted into an electronic presentation without the need for expensive design or set-up costs.

Carry your brochure, or website, in your pocket! Think GREEN — no paper; also space- and shipping-efficient!

You can easily make changes or add pages. Allows for continuous updates as your practice grows — keeping information up-to-date without any downtime. Changes in images, links and content can be made quickly and cost-effectively.

Your brochure is secure without the need for special software. No special application needed; simply double-click the icon to launch the document. Plus, e-brochures can include multimedia, video, interactive forms and more.

Practice Builders is one of the very few healthcare marketing companies to offer the e-brochure. To learn more about this leading-edge new product, see some of our actual clients’ e-brochures in action:

Or, see Practice Builders’ own e-brochure. Then call us at (855).898.2710 to turbo-charge your marketing.

To receive more information about our eBrochures, please provide the information on the right and we’ll contact you. For more immediate assistance, contact us at (855).898.2710.

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