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Practice Builders’ latest high-impact online marketing strategy – e-Video – delivers your marketing message to your targeted audience in a visually appealing way that online users can relate to.

With the meteoric rise of YouTube, online video has become a necessity in the 21st century marketing mix. And healthcare practitioners are now learning what other businesses already know: that marketing with e-Video is a cost-effective, efficient way to reach out to your target audience.

Why does your practice need e-Video?

Reputation: Patients and prospects will view your practice as “current,” “relevant” and “ahead of the curve” when they see that you market with e-Videos.

Website Enhancement: e-Videos make your website more interesting and entertaining and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. And, e-Videos can help complement your search engine optimization (SEO) results by making sure that visitors spend more time on your website which would then decrease your website’s bounce rate.

24/7 Differentiation: e-Videos let you deliver messages that distinguish your practice from competitors and present a consistent image to existing patients and prospects.

Targeted Reach: e-Videos can be placed on your Website and incorporated into e-mail blasts, Facebook pages, Twitter pages, YouTube pages and more to promote your services.

Affordability: e-Videos are just like traditional cable TV commercials, but without the exorbitant production and media-placement costs.

Available in 60-second, 90-second and custom formats, e-Videos are the perfect complement to your traditional offline marketing campaign; fully branded and customized to convey the uniqueness of your practice. You, your staff and your patients can be featured in the videos for a personalized, accurate representation of your practice that will build interest and help generate response.

What’s included with your e-Video program?

Practice Builders‘ e-Video solutions include everything you need to add videos to your online marketing strategies. We create and develop video scripts and storyboards. We include onsite location videography, travel expenses, voice-over talent and complete studio production for 60- and 90-second videos. We even upload your finished video to YouTube.

To learn more about how an e-Video strategy can enhance your online marketing program, call Practice Builders today: 800.679.1262.

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