Managing Your Online Reputation

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Managing Your Online Reputation

Why is your online reputation so critical to the ultimate success of your practice? Because it’s one of the best strategies for attracting the right patients to your healthcare practice.

Today’s healthcare consumers are accustomed to sharing their experiences, both good and bad, online. They do it on social media and they do it on dozens of review sites that are now available to them. Your online reputation management services should help build a positive public image so that anyone interested in your healthcare services will gain confidence in you by reading reviews and articles that mention you in a positive light.

How Does Managing Your Online Reputation Benefit You?

Expect numerous benefits from having a positive online reputation. You’ll gain positive consumer feedback that you can use to your advantage, including:

  • Following up on positive comments, thus improving relationships with patients and prospects
  • Implementing user-generated content, which is more trusted by other consumers
  • Turning your most engaged patients into practice ambassadors
  • Posting your best user-generated reviews on your website

When you manage your online reputation, you’ll receive a goldmine of insights that can transform your practice. Specifically, you’ll gain:

  • Data-based decision making
  • Audience insights
  • Market research
  • Link building
  • Lead generation

In Case You Missed Our Reputation Management Webinar…

If you attended our recent webinar, “Managing Your Online Reputation” – or if you missed it – you can still listen to it here.

Why Choose Practice Builders?

With Practice Builders as your reputation management partner, you can expect dramatic improvements in attracting new patients. Have more questions?

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Steve Mintz

Steve Mintz is a marketing strategist with experience in all facets of marketing, from branding to market research and voice of the customer, to deeper direct marketing, digital marketing, loyalty, CRM and marketing automation expertise. Steve is not a graphic designer or video production expert, so while you would not want him to create those types of assets for you, his focus on the end-customer and years of marketing experience enables him to know what will resonate in the brain of your customer. Steve leverages customer data to derive actionable insights to optimize marketing response and increase revenue, retention and satisfaction.

Steve Mintz is experienced in a variety of verticals, including healthcare, financial services, insurance, credit unions, consumer packaged goods, durables, apparel, appliances, and hospitality/entertainment. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Steve holds an M.B.A. in Marketing, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Political Science and Geography.

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