Attract, Educate and Convert Patients

60% of consumers have a positive feeling toward a company after reading its blog.

61% of consumers have become paying customers at a company after reading its blog.

Companies that make content marketing a priority are 13 times more likely to receive positive ROI.

Companies that blog at least 11 times per month generate almost three times more traffic and four times as many leads than companies blogging 0 to 1 time per month.

Blogging solution

Patients are smart consumers. They conduct online research about doctors and physicians, health topics and more.

Creating a blog with high-value healthcare content is your opportunity to allow patients to find your medical practice online, view you as an expert resource and choose you as their doctor or physician.

Our blogging solution can help you achieve those results and more. We use our expertise in healthcare writing as well as content marketing to create high-value, SEO-driven blogs for your medical practice’s website, have those blogs seen by prospective patients and drive those patients to contact your office.


Our blogging solution includes the following:

Topic ideation. No more spending time or effort trying to figure out what to write about. Our content marketing experts will create and present you with a list of rich, relevant and patient-centered topics that will make current and prospective patients want to keep reading.

Vetted native-English writers. Whether you need us to write from scratch, conduct outside research or turn your raw notes into polished articles, our skilled blogging team can handle all of your writing for you.

SEO-optimized blog post. You’ll be given one polished blog post with relevant keywords and phrases and plenty of high-value educational content that will appeal to patients. And if you need more blogs, we can write those, too – so you’ll never be without content.

1 stock image. All of our blogs include one stock image, hand-selected by our team to complement the content and engage readers.

Posting and scheduling. We’ll ensure that your blog goes live on time and looks great – so that your readers see it when you want them to and glean valuable information.

Clean HTML format. Don’t worry about the back-end functioning of your blog. Our team will set it up and ensure that it works properly – so that search engines can find your blog with ease and rank you highly in search results.

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