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To fully market your practice, you might need more than a standard website, search engine optimization, or reputation management services. As a full-service healthcare marketing company, Practice Builders offers an armamentarium of on-demand digital and traditional marketing services. These include:

  • ADA-compliant websites
  • Branding services, brochures, letterhead
  • Logo design
  • Mobile apps
  • Video content creation

ADA-Compliant Websites

Is your website unknowingly discriminating against people with disabilities?

There are millions of Americans with disabilities who could be your patients. Almost 60 million people in America are disabled. If your website is not easy for them to use, you’re missing out on a potentially major source of revenue for your practice. According to a recent survey, 81% of disabled consumers will patronize a competitor’s business if their website is more accessible, even if their prices are higher.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Website Design and the World Wide Web Consortium’s Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) list improvements you can and should make to your website so it’s more accessible to disabled people and complies with regulations. Since 2016, ADA compliance-related lawsuits have been increasing in volume and successful outcomes, so it pays to ensure that your website is ADA-compliant.

That’s where Practice Builders’ ADA WEBSITE SOLUTIONS can help. Our marketing specialists are ADA compliance experts who will make sure that every part of your website is accessible by providing an in-depth analysis of your site, including:

ACCESSIBILITY EVALUATION. We’ll dive deep into the front and back ends of your website to determine where you need to increase compliance with the WCAG, the industry standard governing website accessibility. We’ll then create a plan of action with recommendations to make your website easier to use and compliant with ADA guidelines.

THIRD-PARTY VENDOR EVALUATION. If an outside company or contractor worked on or currently operates any part of your website, we will evaluate their work and contact them about improving accessibility on their portion of the website.

EMPLOYEE-FACING WEBSITE REVIEW. Along with evaluating the accessibility of the parts of your website that patients see, we’ll make sure that your internal web pages and functions are compliant to determine if any specific accommodations need to be made to help your staff perform their duties.

IMPLEMENTATION. There are many upgrades we can make to your website to ensure ADA compliance and accessibility. Our evaluations will tell us exactly what your website needs. Possible upgrades include:

  • Minimum contrast ratio between website text and background
  • Navigation capability via keyboard only
  • Capability to integrate with screen-reader software
  • Ability to enlarge text to 200% without requiring horizontal scrolling
  • Minimal bright, flashing colors or images, and more!

Learn how Practice Builders’ ADA website solutions can make your practice’s website more accessible so you can attract more patients and ensure compliance. Contact one of our ADA website experts today at 855-898-2710 or email info@practicebuilders.com.

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Branding Services

Does your practice have a unique, recognizable brand?

Your brand is what helps your target audience uniquely identify you and distinguish your practice from others. Your brand is reflected in your choice of colors, typefaces, images, and content across all of your marketing and practice materials, including online and print ads, brochures, e-books, patient education materials, letterhead, business cards, and more..

Practice Builders can help you create and build your brand more effectively with digital and traditional marketing solutions that reflect who you are and the strengths of your practice and patient services. We can ensure consistent look and feel and information messaging across all of your marketing solutions.

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Logo Design

Does your practice have a professionally designed logo?

Your practice logo is your calling card. It’s a concise summary of your practice name, trademark, and brand identity that should include your preferred colors, symbol, font, and a marketing-based tagline that correctly positions your practice in the marketplace. It’s a picture that can represent a thousand words about who you are.

Your logo should be simple, so it’s easy to recognize. It should be scalable, so it looks great in any size on any material. It should also be impactful, versatile, and relevant to the work your practice performs. Your logo is the face of your practice. It should communicate your unique identity. And it shouldn’t cost you a small fortune.

Practice Builders pioneered the use of logos for healthcare practices in the late 1970s. To date, we have designed over 15,000 logos for private health practices. So whether you need a logo or wish to redesign a logo you already have, we can help.

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Mobile Apps

Having access to the right tools and technology is key to successful patient engagement. With today’s patients being hooked on their smart devices, healthcare initiatives are focusing on enhancing the patient experience by delivering personalized communications via mobile apps. With mobile apps, healthcare providers can enhance the way the overall wellness of patients is handled without investing extra time or effort.

Mobile apps are the future of digital services in the healthcare industry. According to McKinsey, patients are looking for simple, user-friendly tools from their providers. Mobile apps are effective tools for engaging and educating patients about their patient journey. Some key stats:

  • Nearly 93 percent of healthcare practitioners believe mobile healthcare apps have the potential to improve patient outcomes and experiences. (Source: QuintilesIMS)
  • Almost 89 percent of doctors are likely to recommend a mobile healthcare app to patients. (Source: QuintilesIMS)
  • More than 75 percent of people would like to use mobile healthcare apps, as long as those apps meet their needs. (Source: McKinsey)

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Mobile Apps Improve Patient Experiences

One of the most underutilized features of a mobile healthcare app is the interaction and communication it offers patients. Push notifications, in-app feedback, and SMS make for excellent two-way communication between doctors and their patients. Healthcare facilities can push out notifications about upcoming appointments, healthcare events, and discounts to their patients in order to increase volume during off-peak hours.

You can enhance patient engagement and experience by connecting your patients with staff. This not only helps patients receive quicker responses, but it also reduces downtime. In addition, in-app feedback can help refine what patients are looking for in a healthcare app—a new and improved digital experience. Ask us about mobile apps for your practice.

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Video Content Creation

As one of the best ways to encourage potential patients to stay on your website, engage with your content, and contact your practice, online video really works. According to recent surveys, 80% of people will watch video content on a web page, while only 20% of people will read the page’s written content.

Organic traffic increases by 157% when a video is included in a post. Sixty-four percent of people are more likely to buy a product online after viewing video content. It’s one thing to attract prospective patients to your website. But once they get there, are they staying there? Does your website have enough high-quality content to engage and convert patients?

If patients aren’t spending time on your website and calling your office, then your website may be missing one critical component: strategic video content. Patients can choose from an almost infinite number of providers. You can make your practice stand out from the competition by creating a first-class website experience that entices your visitors to become your patients.

Video Solutions

All of our Video Solutions packages below include professional videos and photographs that will transform your website, social media channels, and other digital spaces into an online experience that drives more traffic, engagement, and conversions.

Media Branding

  • Brand video, for example, an office tour, a provider introduction, a team spotlight, etc.
  • Business specialty videos or testimonials
  • 20 edited photos
  • 1-camera shoot with professional lighting and audio
  • Basic logo animations

Enhanced Media Branding

  • Includes all of the above, PLUS:
  • 3 videos
  • 50 edited photos
  • 2-camera shoot

Premium Media Branding

  • Includes all of the above, PLUS:
  • 9 videos
  • 75 edited photos

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Form Filling PDF Solution Eliminates Need for PDF Readers

Here’s something else to make your life a little easier. This fillable Practice Builders form PDF solution for HTML form conversion brings you and your visitors a unique experience in form filling directly in your browser, with full support for AcroForm technology, including JavaScript support. This allows a new level of PDF form processing and improves workflow without the need for having PDF readers installed on your computer or mobile device.

These converted HTML forms are complete with text fields, dropdowns, list boxes, radio buttons, and checkboxes, and they can be submitted like any other HTML form.

With unique support for documents and form fields in JavaScript (ECMAScript for PDF), Practice Builders’ form-fillable PDF solution produces ready-to-use HTML that enables PDF manipulation, form field value formatting, calculations, validations, or custom scripts recognized by desktop PDF viewers.

Our form-filling PDF solution features include:

  • Allows the use of any of your PDFs as forms on your website.
  • Specific PDF fields can be made mandatory.
  • It supports all major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
  • HIPAA data was processed in the same PDF and sent back to your email.
  • The submitted PDF is protected by a password.
  • Since PDF contains HIPAA data, we don’t store submitted data.

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