Staff Training

51% of patients would switch to a new healthcare provider for great customer service. 81% of consumers are dissatisfied with their experience in the healthcare system, and the less they must engage with the system, the happier they are.

In order to attract, connect, convert and retain patients, your entire team – front-desk staff, billers, office managers and physicians – is responsible for cultivating an outstanding patient experience. That’s where Practice Builders’ staff training programs come in.

Whether you have a small, large or multi-specialty practice, our healthcare and operational management experts will train you and your staff to do the following:

  • Attract the patients you want
  • Improve telephone and customer service skills
  • Convert patient calls into appointments
  • Increase patient satisfaction and retention
  • Stimulate patient-to-patient referrals
  • Optimize your marketing program and tactics
  • Support your marketing strategies as a cohesive team

Customer Service Training

Length: 1 full day

Best for: Practices of any size

  • Pre-training customer service evaluation (with mystery shopper calls to determine your staff’s current strengths)
  • Detailed recommendations and instructions on how your staff can improve their patient service skills via phone, email and in-person interactions
  • Tracking mechanism integrated with your existing software to help you track your ROI
  • In-person and virtual training available

Practice Liaison Training

Length: 2 full days, typically includes customer service training

Best for: Specialty practices of any size that rely on referrals

  • Phone, email and in-person communication skills to receive referrals, welcome referred patients into the office and foster referral relationships with referring practices
  • Coaching on making effective office visits to referring and nonreferring practices, including role-playing with office materials
  • Techniques to engage key office staff to discuss your services, introduce marketing materials and demonstrate strategic use of materials
  • In-person and virtual training available
practice liason

Leadership Training

Length: 1 full day

Best for: Physicians at practices of any size

  • Coaching on how to connect with your staff on a human level
  • Techniques to “diagnose” your staff’s level of patient service, engagement and knowledge about your practice’s services, payment policies, etc.
  • New leadership opportunities that will increase involvement of your office manager
  • Opportunities to create and share your practice’s messaging as a group
  • Recommendations on how to cultivate staff engagement and focus on practice success
  • In-person and virtual training available

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