Custom Medical Practice Website Design

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Custom Medical Practice Website Design

Responsive, User-friendly Medical Practice Website Design That Attracts Patients

Are you getting as many new patients as you want? Is your medical practice growing as fast as you would like? Does your website use a “responsive design” that adapts automatically to any mobile device or screen size?

According to the latest surveys, 88% of Americans now search online for healthcare information. Looking for a particular doctor or physician topped the list of searches. If patients can’t find you online, they will assume you don’t exist and go elsewhere.

In today’s market, a strong Internet presence is critical for growing your medical practice. Practice Builders’ responsive medical website designs deliver results with:

  • Full readability on any mobile device or screen size
  • Increased new patient volume
  • Maximum practice visibility
  • Better-informed patients

Benefits of Professional Medical Practice Website Design

Our custom medical website designs can increase your new-patient volume with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO). They also inform your patients and referrers about your expertise and services. You save time and expense by having Practice Builders write, design, and optimize your content. Your healthcare staff saves time by using secure, interactive, downloadable forms for patient health histories, appointment-setting, and other practice needs. Other benefits include:

  • Custom medical clinic website design matches your practice branding
  • Domain name registration and renewals for life
  • Medical animations available for patient education
  • Patient education library right on your website
  • Functional search capabilities from your site
  • Page-sharing support for viral marketing efforts
  • Monthly traffic reports keep you informed
  • Full-service email accounts (up to 25 per domain)

Additional enhancements are available for integration into your custom medical website design, according to your budget:

  • Secure user registration and special-access privileges
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Secure physician referral forms
  • Blogs, links to Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn and other social sites
  • Secure labs and referring physician reports
  • Customer service 24/7 and complete hosting
  • Video embedding with eVideos

Visual, Functional and Findable

Today’s most effective online medical website designs are responsive, visual, functional, and findable. There are thousands of doctors and physicians who have had beautiful custom healthcare websites designed. The real challenge is creating a visually compelling, functional healthcare website that comes up high in search engine rankings, attracts new patient traffic, and adapts to any device.

Our websites include HTML and title page optimization, internal links, site maps, keywords, metadata, and extensive patient education libraries. These features all contribute to your site’s relevance and help boost your rankings.

Why Choose Us?

Medical websites are built to achieve different goals – from attracting new patients to patient engagement and strengthening online reputation. However, to create a custom website for dentists that meets all of these goals, it’s essential to design the right way. That‘s where our expertise comes in!

We design for your target audience. Put potential patients’ needs first – As a customer-centered medical website development agency, this principle is the basis of all our creations.

We design with a goal. An appealing website has both beauty and brains. Not only it looks good, but it is also very much capable of attracting patients and improving conversion rates.

We design for search engines. There’s no point building a website if searchers cannot find it. All our custom medical website designs are optimized for visibility so that relevant visitors can discover our engaging landing pages.

Our Services

Content Creation

It is an art to capture the shrinking attention spans of searchers, and our writers have mastered this art. They know the art of storytelling and make the content flow. They can think like a site visitor and make your website content relevant for potential pages and search engine bots alike. Even if it takes them days of slogging, our writers will dive deep into your service offerings and features to create a copy that resonates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is not an accessory – it is an integral part of a useful website. Building a custom website for therapists first and “handling SEO later” will result in missed leads or put online visibility and reputation at risk. For that exact reason, each one of our websites is built with SEO capability. Our SEO experts stay involved throughout the project to help ensure we create the optimized pages. Sitemaps, content, and design elements are reviewed to ensure they are relevant, discoverable, and SEO compliant.

Healthcare Website Design & Development

As a full-service medical website design agency medical practice website development agency, we have experienced resources in-house that will professionally handle your requirements. That way, the website looks and performs exactly the way you envisioned. We will also make sure the medical website design cost fits within your budget.

At Practice Builders, a medical website design company, we create a medical practice website that is sure to boost your profitability as well as online reputation.

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How do I know if my website is responsive?

Look at your site on a computer, tablet and smartphone. If it automatically adjusts to those screen sizes and remains readable, then it is responsive.

How do I know if my website appeals to patients?

Ask your current patients for their honest feedback regarding what they like most and least about your site content, appearance, ease of use and navigation. Let their responses be your guide. Remember that it’s about them, not you.

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