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Strategic Marketing Services for Oncology Providers

You have a couple of significant challenges this year. One is the trend by FPs and GPs to treat allergy and asthma patients instead of referring them out.

Mounting administrative and financial pressures have created instability and uncertainty for oncology practices nationwide. Oncology providers are adapting to these pressures by using more advanced practice providers (APPs), adding nutrition, counseling and social services and finding ways to attract patients and referrers, maximize reimbursements and enhance revenues.

An increasing number of mergers, especially in metropolitan areas, are affecting oncology practices. Larger practices are buying smaller ones, while many smaller ones are more likely to shut down ion the near future unless they find ways to attract more patients, referral sources and revenues. In other words, the problems that Practice Builders is very good at solving.

We start with an onsite or online consultation between the practice owner and one of our expert healthcare marketing consultants. We examine all aspects of your practice and provide you with cost-effective, strategic solutions designed to attract more patients and referrals, increase your revenues and enhance your reputation in the community. Our comprehensive solutions include traditional marketing (e.g. advertising, branding, brochures, patient education, public relations) to online marketing (websites, SEO, social media, online reputation management), staff customer service training and revenue cycle management.

After your private consultation, we’ll provide you with a fully customized, step-by-step marketing plan designed to improve your profitability and achieve your financial goals.

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