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A Clinician’s Online Reputation is an Asset
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Before choosing a physician as a quality provider of medical care, many patients first turn to the web to do their due diligence, researching that their doctor has the appropriate medical credentials and a well-established online reputation history. A doctor’s online reputation not only affects the doctor, but the clinic, colleagues, employees, and current and past patients; which is why, online reputation management for doctors has become indispensable now to help them manage, control and protect their hard-earned practice reputation. Review websites such as Google+Local, Yelp, HealthGrades and Foursquare are among the ones with the highest visits, influencing physician’s overall online medical reputation.

Strategically planned reputation management for physicians at MyPracticeReputation ensures that when someone looks you up online, they find lots of patients raving about your successful practice.

MyPracticeReputation is an easy-to-use software solution for physician online reputation management to help monitor, protect and promote your practice at all times in the simplest way possible. myPracticeReputation is useful for:

  • Easy Monitoring on Your Behalf – Keeps you updated on users’ perceptions of your practice and services, even while you sleep.
  • Online Reputation Scorecard – When as many as 80% of the people search for health information online every year, your score is a reflection of your reputation. The Online Reputation Scorecard’s data is weighed and averaged across all sites by relevance. Ranging from grades A through F, you’ll be aware of how your practice is perceived online by your patients.
  • Hassle-Free Ways to Collect Feedback – Easily capture feedback from your patients to build your reviews.
  • Accurate Verification Process – Verifying reviews written by patients is your source for receiving more referrals online.
  • Intelligent Publication of Your Reviews – Your positive reviews will be published on multiple review websites to promote your practice with increased online reputation score.

A Local Consumer Review Survey conducted in 2013 revealed that 67% of consumers read six reviews or fewer before forming an opinion about a business, and 73% of them trust a physician more based entirely on positive reviews. MyPracticeReputation comes across as a potent and uncomplicated tool in healthcare reputation management that ensures you show up positively on web searches every time, equips you to multiply your marketing efforts, bringing in more referrals than ever online, and makes you proactive than reactive to ward off any negative web presence.

How it works

Your first step should be to request your complimentary Online Reputation Assessment which includes all of your online reviews (even some you may not be aware of) plus your Online Reputation Score (A-F scoring).  You can easily do this by filling out the form to the right or emailing us at

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