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Healthcare practices base a lot of their business on their reputation. Whether you are an individual practitioner, an established practice or a start-up, keeping a sharp vigil on your online reputation is vital to your growth and bottom line.

As an individual healthcare practitioner, online reputation is one of your most valuable assets. Your practice’s search results will impact the decisions of your potential patients. At myPracticeReputation, we will help you monitor, collect and publish reviews.

Whether you have been trying to mitigate negative reviews or want to build a strong reputation for your practice, myPracticeReputation will be your most effective tool for establishing and maintaining control over your online reputation and search engine results. Our reputation management experts will tailor their approach to meet your specific goals.
We will empower healthcare marketers to look and perform better every day. Our online reputation management services can make you look great online and help you grow your practice.

MyPracticeReputation is an easy-to-use software solution for physician online reputation management to help monitor, protect and promote your practice at all times in the simplest way possible. Our solutions are designed to help practices collect, track and promote patient reviews, with review management, social media monitoring and real-time analytics features. By tracking what people are saying about your brand, you will get the power to protect your reputation in a fiercely competitive healthcare market. Here are some of the top features of myPracticeReputation:


Reviews Dashboard: Your customized dashboard will display a summary of reviews and comments about your practice posted on major rating and review sites on a monthly basis. You can filter reviews by date, rating or source in order to identify which areas to focus on. Alerts will be sent to you via SMS and emails whenever a new rating or review of your practice is posted online.

Engage With Reviewers in Real-time: Through our platform, users can instantly share positive reviews on Google and Facebook. Our platform will empower you to respond directly to reviews in real time on major third-party websites. By addressing patients’ concerns at the click of a button, you will be able to resolve their problems quickly and promptly.

Share Reviews Instantly on Social Networks: Our platform allows users to collate reviews from multiple sources and share them on their website and social media profiles. Users can also share reviews on preselected third-party websites such as Google+, Facebook and more at the click of a button.

Send Custom Emails and SMS to Patients: The platform allows users to create drip campaigns for review acquisition, asking patients to share positive reviews of their experience on sites like Google and Facebook. Users can also customize the text of review request SMS and emails. These campaigns are monitored within the system for efficiency and performance.

Reporting: Reporting tools allow users to create customized reports on campaign performance, such as click-through and conversion rates.

So, how does our reputation management platform benefit your practice? The growth of your practice depends largely on how you manage its reputation. Improving your online reputation can have numerous benefits, from improving online visibility to a healthier bottom line. The best reputation management tools will not only address existing issues but will also help establish a positive reputation in the long term. This is the reason most medical practices are adopting reputation management software to boost their brand image.


Here are some of the key benefits of myPracticeReputation:

1. Save Time and Effort: You can acquire online reviews from various sources and organize them in a single dashboard for ease of use. Our platform captures reviews from all of the major review and rating sites. Whenever a new review of your practice is found, it is stored in your private dashboard and you will receive an instant notification. This will help you save time by not having to check lots of review sites. You will strengthen your online reputation by being able to respond to reviews easily and in real time.

2. Gain Actionable Patient Feedback: You can send emails and SMS to get your patients to share their experience of your staff and services. With one click, you patients can tell you what they feel, and this feedback will allow you to understand unknown factors in your routine operations. By engaging with patients, you will show that your brand is willing to invest the time and effort to address their needs. Managing your reputation through reviews and feedback will help you enhance patient experience, improve your service and increase your bottom line.

3. Quick Access to Social Networks: Through our platform, you can share and promote online reviews on social media and websites at the click of a button. Not will this help you engage with existing patients, it will also help you attract new patients. Sharing and responding to patient comments on social networks will show that you are concerned about their needs and you are willing to act on them.

4. Identify Shifts in Sentiment: Monitoring online reviews and social media mentions will help you detect shifts in feedback sentiment. This may help you uncover emerging trends in patient experience that can threaten your reputation. The myPracticeReputation platform will help you find the root cause of such problems and to address them professionally.

5. Competitor Analysis: Tracking your reviews will help you stack up against your competitors when it comes to ratings and social mentions. Analyzing your competition will give you a better grasp of your patients’ expectations so you can plan the perfect reputation management strategy.

6. Engage Patients Online: You can use online reviews, social networks, emails and SMS to attract and engage patients. If you are facing negative comments from patients, you can quickly perform damage control and save your reputation. Gaining valuable insights and identifying issues will help you improve service and help you gain a competitive advantage.
Our healthcare reputation management experts are with you every step of the way! We are passionate about providing excellent service to you and making your practice look great online.

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