Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing

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Dental marketing is essential to your success. With increasing competition among dentists for cosmetic, reconstructive and implant cases, and many general dentists now performing periodontal, endodontic and orthodontic procedures, it’s becoming more and more challenging for dental specialists to attract the right patients. Without a well-designed dental marketing and patient education program, it’s almost impossible to compete effectively.

That’s where Practice Builders’ dental practice marketing experience can really help. Practice Builders is one of the top companies providing marketing for dentists. We have been helping dentists market themselves since 1979. We provide proven dental marketing strategies, custom dental marketing programs, marketing tips and all kinds of dental marketing tactics designed to help you attract the patients and case-types you want most.

Practice Builders creates marketing for dentists and works with all-size budgets. A good dental marketing program need not be expensive in order to be effective. Let’s say you want more of a specific case type or procedure. Maybe you are a general dentist who wants more cosmetic cases, or a periodontist who wants more implant cases. Maybe you are an orthodontist who wants more Invisalign® cases. Don’t assume that your current patients know that you even offer these services. It’s up to you and your staff to educate your current patients and prospective new patients.

Your current patients might think of you as one type of dentist and seek other “specialized” services from a competing dentist whom they perceive as a “specialist” in the services or procedures they want. Your job is to market your most desirable services to your current patients first. A well-branded internal dental marketing program can present your services to your patients – and show them why they should choose you over competing dentists for the services they want.

Your staff should also be trained on how to present your services and offer them to patients in a professional way. Internal marketing programs for dentists typically deliver one of the highest returns for a reasonable investment of marketing dollars. In addition to creating marketing for dentists to suit any budget, Practice Builders can train your staff on case presentation and acceptance.

Now, more than ever, you need strategic dental marketing help. Whether you are a general, cosmetic or pediatric dentist, an orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist or oral surgeon, you need the kind of dental marketing help only Practice Builders can provide. To learn more about the many ways we can help you with today’s dental practice marketing, including Internet dental marketing, call (855)898-2710.

What other clients are saying
What other clients are saying

Having been through other dental consulting programs, what I appreciated most about Practice Builders is they took the time to learn about our practice’s strengths, and essentially our “personality”. By utilizing our attributes, we were able to market our practice in a genuine way. By being comfortable in our approach, we were all the more effective. We learned how to work smarter, not harder and how to tap into an unused resource to promote our practice – our happy, satisfied patients. We are also now better utilizing the internet and social media to build our practice in a professional and positive manner"

Kim Glick, DDS
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