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Digital and Referral Bariatric Surgery Marketing to Bring Awareness to Your Practice

You know your challenges all too well: Media stories scaring away patients who are considering gastric bypass or lap-band surgery. Or, low-paying HMO or Medicaid cases are starving your practice of revenue.

With all these challenges, how will you attract more of the cash-paying, elective bariatric cases you want, that pay you up to 4 times what insurance reimburses?

Practice Builders’ proven Bariatric marketing techniques will show you how to:

  • Rebalance your caseload with more cash-paying, elective cases and fewer HMO and Medicaid patients
  • Overcome your referrers’ and patients’ misguided fears about surgery
  • Escape your reliance on ineffective hospital-based medical marketing
  • Stand apart from your competitors and win the battle for patients

Please contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation for your Bariatrics practice by filling out the form on the right or by calling (855)898-2710.

What other clients are saying
What other Bariatic Physicians are saying

"Teaming up with Practice Builders doubled my revenue in a year and a half. I feel more comfortable talking to my staff. We can now track every single call coming into my office (I learned how important this is at the Workshop) so we know exactly which of our marketing efforts are working the best. And my staff now feels a sense of direction in my practice that they didn’t feel in other doctor's offices."

Christopher Hove, MD
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