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Focusing on Marketing Needs to Increase Your OB/GYN Clientele

Besides the challenge of soaring malpractice premiums (hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in some cases), as an Ob/Gyn you also face the “usual suspects” of declining reimbursements, dwindling prospects and the difficulties of bringing cash-generating elective cosmetic services into your practice.

In such an environment, having a step-by-step ob gyn practice marketing plan written specifically to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals is simply no longer optional.

Practice Builders will show you how to:

  • Attract more of the specific patients you want (endometrial ablations or infertility cases, for example)
  • Add cash-generating cosmetic services
  • Rebalance your caseload toward higher-reimbursing patients
  • Protect your practice from competition from hospitals, rival specialties, large groups and aggressive solo practitioners

Please contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation for your Ob/Gyn practice by filling out the form on the right or by calling (855)898-2710.

What other clients are saying
What other Ob/Gyns are saying

"The astonishing results: my partnership with Practice Builders has helped increase my revenue 65%. And equally important, I now do the kinds of cases I really want – minimally invasive surgery and new treatments for dysfunctional bleeding, for example."

D. Matt McDonald, MD, FACOG
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