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Effective Marketing Strategies to Set Your Pain Management Practice Apart From Your Competitors

As a pain management specialist, you have some optimistic numbers on your side: the $40 billion per year American spend treating their chronic pain, and the over 50 million chronic-pain sufferers who are likely to be undertreated.

Now, the bad news: Competitors are pouring into the field and have targeted your patients as their new source of revenue. More than ever, you need a specific pain management marketing plan to protect your current referrers, attract loyal new referrers and set yourself apart from your competition.

Practice Builders has been helping physicians and surgeons do just that for 30 years. Whether you are looking to increase your number of physician referrals or increase public awareness of what you do, the Practice Builders 2-day Pain Management Marketing Workshop will give you dozens of proven, time-tested pain management marketing strategies to build your practice. Best of all, your Workshop leader will write a Strategic Pain Management Marketing Plan tailored to your practice that shows you exactly what to do and when to achieve your goals.

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What other Pain Management Specialists are saying

"Gives a really good picture, particularly for a novice, of how to [communicate] what you stand for and how to project that image in many ways."

E. Eversull, MD
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