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Today’s challenges when building and maintaining a successful radiology practice extend far beyond the ability to attract and retain professional referrals. Like the non-healthcare business owner, radiologists too are subject to the dynamics of the marketplace.

Competition has increased, referral networks have slowed and the progression of new technologies has introduced unanticipated vulnerabilities. Turf battles have emerged and declining reimbursements have created an entirely new set of challenges.

Since 1979, Practice Builders has helped countless radiologists build, grow and protect their practices while enhancing their images with both patients and referrers. We’ve built relationships with these clients and devised solutions to their toughest radiology marketing problems. So we know the challenges you face every day, and we’ve spent years refining radiology marketing ideas and building upon our knowledge of radiology marketing. We can help you position your services and identify opportunities to take your radiology practice to the next level.

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What other Radiologists are saying

"Excellent strategies for increasing your profit ethically. Generates new enthusiasm. I have learned new ways to say “different” things with a comfort level."

J.B., MD
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