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Optimal Marketing Strategies To Generate New Referrals and Patients To Expand Your Practice

These include a rough economy that is keeping many patients on the sidelines, declining reimbursements, increased competition from the big store chains (Sears®, Walmart®, etc.), vision care chains (LensCrafters®, etc.) and aggressive dispensing opticians.

You may also be experiencing declining referrals from ophthalmologists, who also diagnose and treat eye disease, albeit surgically. With fewer LASIK cases to chase after, some ophthalmologists are marketing more aggressively for patients to diagnose and treat themselves. As you know, ophthalmologists also examine eyes and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Fortunately, Practice Builders has been engaged in marketing optometry practice and helping optometrists grow their practices in all kinds of economic climates for over 30 years. We can help you discover optometry marketing best practices and solutions that will grow your patient base and keep your referrals. Practice Builders’ two-day optometry marketing workshops are held over 60 times a year in cities across the country. You’ll get an extensive practice-building education in a small-group setting plus two private consultations. More importantly, you’ll walk out with a written, customized optometry marketing plan designed to help you reach your optometrist marketing success goals.

Practice Builders will also help you establish an influential web and Internet presence (websites, SEO, eBrochures, etc.) for your optometry practice through different online marketing solutions. Creating this online authority for your practice will lead to more new patients.

Please contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation for your Optometry practice by filling out the form on the right or by calling (855)898-2710.

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What other Ophthalmologists are saying

"The results have far exceeded my exceptions: Cataract surgeries have steadily rebounded. Thanks to my new marketing efforts, some patients were delighted to find out that I treat diabetes-related problems – a service they never knew I offered."

Lawerence Bloom, MD, FACS
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